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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hershey's coloring contest $1000 savings bond

Your child can win a $1,000 savings bond or a $50-$100 hershey's gift basket!

Enter their coloring contest for ages 4 to 12.

Here is the link: http://www.hersheys.com/easter/coloring-contest/

Old navy, gap, banana republic get 30% off 4 days only

starting today through the 15th of March, you can get 30% off your purchases at these stores and they also will donate 5% of sales to the leukemia society. Go here to get the coupon:

May be used as many times as you like during the next 4 days

free goldfish crackers at target?

I hear that you can use Target's printable $1 coupon on the whole wheat goldfish crackers that are on sale for $1 each. sounds yummy...

Poptarts deal is still going on until this weekend I believe. Buy 5 packages of 12 count poptarts and get a $5 gift card. I had $1/1 peelie coupons from fred meyers that i used but totally forgot to use the target $1/2 coupon. DUMMY DUMMY DUMMY

Is the flu season over yet? I need to shop!

My 3 kids have been sick for the past month. Either one, or two or all three at once, with the cold or the flu. First one starts with a cold, and it makes its way throughout the house, and then the flu bug starts, and ends 5 people later. Now, for the past couple of days, it has been the fever/cough/cold that has hit 2 of the kids so far. The baby's nose has been constantly running for the past 3 weeks and finally has just now dried up, but of course, he will get the fever that his sisters have had and it will start all over again...

Blogging has been in the back of my mind many times over in the past month, but I am just now able to attempt to catch up a bit! Once the baby wakes up, its all over though

I made it to kmart before the month of sickness invaded the household, so that was good timing:

So...Kmart doubles last month was lots of fun, I went a few times with a couple different friends and even introduced a couple more to their first coupon doubling event! I got lots of free stuff like Sobe lifewater, Kids shampoo and detangler sprays, lotion, bandaids and other first aid items, kotex, bodywash, ziplock, etc. Also got tons of cleaning products for .49 each or less than $1, like windex, scrubbing bubbles, lysol spray.

The last couple of weeks I have been stocking up on diapers and baby wipes. Those huggies internet coupons have been awesome!! The first ones that were for any gentle care or natural fit product came in really handy for baby wipes.
My target did not have the gentle care wipes for $5.99 like so many others out there have found, but I still was able to get two tubs per coupon for free. so my first trip i got 6 tubs ($2.39 each) and one refill package. I still got the $8.99 refill package for $1.99, since I also bought some bausch and lomb soothe eyedrops from the trial size section, so the $2 overage paid for part of my refill pack, along with the $5 huggies coupon, that made it still a great deal at under $2.
Final price was $1.99 for one large refill package and 6 tubs of wipes.

I still have a few more coupons so I hope to find the refill wipes packages for $5.99 at walmart, as I heard that was another place to check. Hopefully your target had them cheaper than mine did :(

I also had a $10 catalina from Albertsons left over, so I used that and two of my $3 Huggies natural care coupons to buy 2 packages of diapers. That made them $3 a package which was not too bad!!!

This week at Walgreens, of course, was the huggies deal, where you buy $25 worth and get a $10 reward back. I was only able to get the deal once this week, since so many other people had already wiped all the diapers out by monday morning :(
I hope maybe friday or saturday I can find at least 3 more packages so i can do this deal at least one more time. Please leave me some!
--Well the one time i was able to get this deal, I paid about $13 for 3 packages of diapers and got $10 back, so they were a STEAL. Regular price was $30 for 3 packages but i used an $8RR and also three $3 huggies coupons that I printed.

Of course, all the Glade Sense&spray and Lasting impressions were also wiped completely out by monday morning so I could get none :(
Later I found out that an employee had 2 hidden in the back for theirself and then came to me and asked if i had any $4 off coupons left so she could buy them. TRUE STORY. I didnt even get any, so how would that be allright with me!? I WILL get some, so watch out employee lady lol...

What is it anyways with all the store employees hitting me up for coupons lately? IN the past two weeks, I have had several ask me for coupons at Walgreens and walmart, and not just any coupons but for specific coupons. So now, I put a bunch of extra coupons in an envelope and drop them off with the cashier at walgreens, say "here, go to it", and they share it amongst themselves.

If anyone out there needs any toothpaste, please come by and get some, my bin is going to overflow with free toothpaste at any moment. No, its not overflowing YET, but its full to the brim and the lid can't close properly ha ha!!