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Sunday, January 25, 2009

stockpiling is coming along...

Well in just the past 3 months I have been able to really get a good start on our family stockpiling goal.

We have stockpiled enough (or more than enough of some)
for our family of five of these things:
bath/body soap
children's motrin
children's tylenol
Several Canned goods such as soups, fruit etc
several baking supplies
Feminine products
Cleaning products and laundry
Good start on toilet paper, diapers, first aid etc
if i think of anything else...

Next, off the top of my head, I want to start working on acquiring these items:
Paper products- Printer paper, etc
more toilet paper, never can have too much of that!
more diapers/pull ups of course
long term water storage
other baking supplies
other canned goods
a bit more laundry soap
more first aid supplies
umm.. what else should I add to this list? -besides more cash LOL

Last week's best shopping deal

Last week, I got several awesome deals using coupons/store sales.

At Kmart doubles, I got lots of Gillette men's body wash Free, kotex and Stayfree products Free, Ziplock products for .50c, a ton of quaker granola bars for .50c a box, tropicana premium orange juice 64 oz for $1.25, Bayer chewables, free St joseph's aspirin, free tums and much more.

Always infinity at Albertsons with Kmart catalinas, were only .19c a package, free wild harvest black beans, and meant to get several more deals but our family caught the stomach flu so that cut my shopping week extremely short!!

Walgreens was definitely where I got the best shopping deal last week!!

I was able to buy Jumbo size pkgs of Huggies diapers size 3 for $1.10(including the tax!) a package, AND also received the free pkg of walgreens brand diapers size 3 due to their current month's megasaver deal! (advertised on the shelf- not in the ad: wyb size 1 or 3 huggies you get the walgreens brand diapers free)

How did i do that?? Well, I used the store sale price, combined with a manufacturer coupon for $2 off one pkg of huggies, plus the $1 walgreens huggies coupon found in their pharmacy coloring book. There are tons of coupons in that book, and most can be used more than once, as they are similar to the monthly coupons they put in their easy saver books but they don't expire for several months.

-->I also paid that $1.10 for every two pkgs of diapers with my walgreens rebate card. so i got them for no money out of pocket :)

In fact, I was SOO intent on getting this screaming deal on the diapers, that i TOTALLY ignored the bandaid $1 off coupon in the coloring book, that i could have/SHOULD have used when i bought two packages of band-aids for the $3RR deal. It would have made the two boxes of bandaids .98 cents. Soo.. instead, I paid $2.98(actually 2.08 with employee discount applied) for the two boxes. UGH UGH UGH.
well, you win some you lose some...I will NOT make that mistake again LOL

Another great shopping trip last week to walgreens, I Purchased-
1 pkg jumbo huggies and 1 free pkg walgreens brand diapers
1 tube muscle rub
2 boxes orville redenbacher gourmet popcorn
2 boxes band aids

After coupons, paid $1.33
Used my walgreens rebate card, so no money paid OOP!
Then received $4 back in Register Rewards.
End Result: $4 money maker and all the stuff purchased was free to me.

At the end of the week, I have $16 in Register rewards to spend the next week.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

updates on Albertsons deals

Kelloggs Rice Krispy cereal, frosted flakes or fruit loops are on sale for $1.69 I think. Those would be free with $1 Kelloggs coupon doubled to $2

If your albertsons takes competitor coupons, you can get Loreal Vive pro hair products for 2 for $1.98 if you use the $4 off two Walgreens easy saver book coupon.
There is also a sobe life water coupon in the walgreens book, use two of them for $2 off the sobe life water at Albertsons. Their sale price is 4 for $5 so it would be 4 for $3 with competitor coupons.

In the All You January magazine there is a $1 off any 1 general mills brand cereal found in it. You can use it towards a box of cereal which is included in the "get $15 back" deal at Albertsons. Also you can double both that one and the $1 off 3 general mills cereal coupon. They are 2 for $4, so that would be 4 boxes for $4 with those two coupons doubled.

kmart Doubling 1/11/09 week up to $2 in some areas

if you go to kmart.com and enter your zipcode to view this week's and next week's ads, you can see if your area is advertising the $2 coupon doubling event. It is on the front page for next week's ad in a Huge Red colored area.

If you have any good deals to share, leave a comment!

I am going to update this thread with the deals i see, in a while.

If you visit this thread, you can see alot of the deals that you can use insert coupons doubled to get a good deal on: click here

There will again be free with coupon doubled: FREE Kotex liners, free johnsons buddy products, free glade, huggies products, Motts for Tots, Revlon beauty tools, suave deodorant.

A few more deals i see:

Reeses Clusters, on sale for 2 for $6. Use the $1 coupon doubled to make them 2 for $2

Garnier is on sale 3 for $10 so $1 mfg coupons doubled to $2 makes them 3 for $4

If you have $1 listerine coupons, Colgate total advanced or sensitive white toothpaste or 360 degree manual toothbrush coupons, they will be 2 for $2

Suave kids and adult shampoos etc are 3 for $5 so if you have any good coupons for that...

Capri sun and Swiss miss cocoa is 5 for $10. Coupons?

Huggies natural fit and pampers cruisers are $10.99 . Use $1 or $2 coupons for $8.99 to $6.99 each.

seventh generation cleaning products for .19 each

walgreens is having clearance price on this organic brand of cleaning products for $1.19 in some areas. Use the $1 internet coupon from their website to get these for .19 each!!

Some people are getting a $2 off $2 catalina print out when they buy two all purpose cleaners, which you can use to get more items for .19 each!

This week's shopping finds, coupon deals Albertsons

Shopping times are getting crazy!
This week Albertsons is having their first coupon doubling event.

Some of the deals include clearance on quaker instant oatmeal of holiday flavors, and with the $1 Internet coupon from their website, it is free.

Use the coupon doubling form found on this week's Albertsons ad in order to double your mfg. coupons. They will only double up to $1 coupons.

Albertsons this week:
If you purchase 3 Jumbo packages of Pamper's cruisers or pants for $10 each, you can double your $1 pamper coupons to $2, pay $24, then you will get $15 back to spend on your next shopping transaction, and also a $5 catalina to spend on baby items. That means you paid $24 and got back $20 to spend OYNO(onyournextorder).
-->You just got 3 jumbo packages of diapers for $4.
You can use the $15OYNO to buy more diapers if you wish and still get the $15OYNO coupons back again! I dont think you can spend the $5 baby one and get another one though, so save that for something else. -->You just got 3 more pkgs of diapers for $9 Out of Pocket cost!

There are lots of other deals there this week, you can buy $25 of any of the baby items listed in their ad including baby food, diapering items, bath products, etc. and get the $5 catalina to spend on OYNO of baby items.

They are also offering yet another Buy $30 of groceries and get $15 back in catalinas to spend OYNO. You can use those $15 coupons to buy another $30 of groceries and still get $15 back again. So you would be paying $15 for that transaction and getting $15 back! Keep on going until you spend all your grocery budget :)

I am going to buy some groceries, use the $15 OYNO coupons i get from that, to get some diapers for $9 out of pocket and receive the $20 back in coupons to spend again on groceries or diapers!

-->Some more catalina deals to add to the ones above to really score on building up catalinas to use on free groceries or other items:

(OYNO means on your next order, meaning the coupons that print at the register that you can spend on your next trip to the store.)

Buy Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water 24-Packs And Save $5.00 With Coupon Off Your Next Order. Purchase Dates 1/9/09-2/1/09
Buy (2) & Get $2.00 OYNOBuy (3) & Get $3.00 OYNOBuy (4) & Get $5.00 OYNO
All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No Cash Back

posted at Kroger and is working at Albertsons too:Buy any Jell-o Pudding or Gelatin Snacks between 1/2/09 & 1/25/09
Buy (3) & get $1.50 OYNOBuy (4) & get $2.00 OYNOBuy (5) or more & get $2.50 OYNO

Buy Post Shredded Wheat cereal (10oz or larger) between 1/2 & 1/25Buy (2) & get $1 OYNO
Buy (3) & get $2.50 OYNOBuy (4) or more & get $4 OYNOPictured are Honey Nut, Frosted, yellow box and red box (original) * There are $1 shredded wheat coupons in last sunday's paper.
Lots of stores carry them all week long. Don't forget to double them!

New Year's reSOLUTIONS Keeping your resolutions pays!Save up to $18 on your next shopping order when you buy participating "New Year's reSOLUTIONS" products.Offer valid in a single transaction. Discount on next shopping order. Valid dates: 12/28/08-1/31/09. See store for details. Coupons will be distributed in $3, $5, or $10 increments:
$5 wyb 3 multipacks (Slimfast, Atkins, Ensure shakes, Glucerna shakes, Special K) or bottles of One-A-Day or Flintstones.$10 wyb 1 Alli, Nicoderm, Nicorette or Commit
$3 wyb 10 single bars (Slimfast Optima, Kashi GoLean, Atkins Advantage, Balance, Zone, Special K) or single Protein Water

*there are $1 coupons in last sundays paper for slimfast, atkins etc. Dont forget to double them!

Just a VERY FEW of the items you can purchase towards the Spend $30 get $15 back grocery deal that have corresponding coupons: Bisquick, yoplait, hamburger helper, betty crocker products, Mr Clean products, Tide, dawn
(There are over 250 items to choose from. Find many corresponding coupons on pillsbury.com and bettycrocker.com)

Wet ones are 10/$10 so $1 each. There are .75 coupons in the Dec. All You
(item good towards earning the $5 baby catalina)

Powerade is $10/10, use the coupons in last sunday paper for a great deal.

-->Lysol products are $2.50 each. Use the $1 coupons from last sunday paper. Double to $2 and get wipes, or other cleaning items for .50 each!!

Use your albertsons card for $2 instantly off of cover girl. Double the $1 coupon found in the paper and get $4 off your makeup item! (not good on clearance)

Friday, January 2, 2009

$3 off ben & jerry's icecream makes a Sweet free deal

If you were lucky enough to print the $3 off Ben & Jerry's icecream coupon, you can get free icecream this coming week at kroger brand stores and also walgreens. It will be on sale for $3 each!