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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Did you use all your expiring coupons today?

(Made $3 taking home all this stuff)

Well, Today I went back to spend my $20 in Register rewards at walgreens (from the Robitussin/dimetapp deal I posted earlier).

-->There were a ton of coupons expiring today, last day of the year, so I went to use them up as well :)

NO, there were no digital ornaments left.. oh well. You went and bought them all didn't you?

However, I did get $129.94 in items purchased, and will end up with an overage of almost $3 after rebates.

I used my $20 register rewards, $85.24 in store sales/coupons/mfg. coupons, and the last day of using the 20% off employee discount.

So, the total cost after coupons were used, was $18.71.
-minus $7.99 for Revlon free rebate offer found in walgreens easy saver book
-minus $2 glade wisp rebate offer also found in book
-minus $6 in Register rewards received from this transaction(johnson and Johnson and gillette fusion razor)

That is a final cost of $2.72 for $129.94 in stuff purchased

-->Then if i submit for the febreze noticeables rebate of $5.59, that means

I will actually have gotten everything for free and came out almost $3 ahead!

all items purchased in above transaction: 2 four pack thermacare, 5 bottles gillette body wash, 2 Johnsons baby oil, 1 johnsons baby powder, 1 Vaseline intensive care 24.5 oz lotion w/bonus tube, Vaseline clinical therapy lotion, 1 gillette fusion razor, 1 ten pack papermate pens, 2 pkgs sore muscle patches, 2 glade scented oil candle holders, 1 glade wisp, 1 Revlon matte collection eyeliner, 1 febreze noticeables, 2 pkgs skittles for the kids.

-I also did a second transaction for a second fusion razor, 1 johnsons baby shampoo, 2 johnsons baby wash 28 oz, 2 vicks vaporub, 1 vicks digital thermometer, 1 box puffs tissues with lotion(free when you buy 2 vicks products) . Total: $21.99, got $11 in Register rewards back, I paid with walgreens rebate card= FREE with $11 moneymaker!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The past month's coupon saving shopping trip highlights

I know I have been posting very little, unlike my normal posts, but it's the holidays, is all I have to say :)

well, I wanted to share a few really good shopping trips i have had recently couponing.

For example, right now, all the $1 items at target are half off. So with the Rayovac $1 coupon, you can get two pkgs for free. So I planned on getting 12 pkgs free with coupons but ended up being able to get 24 pkgs of batteries, two pkgs of goody ouchless hairbands for my daughter, and another clearance item that was priced at $3.99, all for .92 out of pocket after coupons!

I need all those batteries for all the kid's christmas toys, so it was an awesome find. (and hubby's toys too)

(you can normally get the batteries free with the $1/1 coupon found on the rayovac website)

Another battery related purchase at walgreens:
I bought the 16 count Duracell batteries on sale for 9.99
-used a walgreens holiday reward and a mfg. coupon and paid 2.67 out of pocket for the 16 count pack.
Submitted the walgreens rebate for $3 back on each pack of duracell that you buy (up to 4 packs) So I actually got more back on the rebate than I paid.
I got two packs for 2.67 each and i got $6 back on my walgreens rebate card!!

I got a bunch of stuff for hubby at walgreens one shopping trip:
I bought
2 of the Gillette mens body wash, normally $4.99 each
(he is addicted to this kind now, since I have been getting it with coupons and refuses to use anything else! Before couponing, we bought the generic, cheapest body wash we could find)
I Also got :
2 of the Gillette Fusion Razor cartridge refills, normally $14 each.
2 cans of Gillette Hydragel shaving gel, full size, normally over $4.00 each
1 bag of chex mix snack
2 holiday pencils (stocking stuffers)

With tax, I paid $2.27 out of pocket after store sales and coupons! I even ended up with two coupons left that I didnt even need to use- I dont know how that happened..
-Not that I don't think my hubby is worth more, but why not pay less :)

Today, I bought $20 of adult cold/cough medicine, $20 of children's dimetapp (it is cold season after all!), and $20 of Dr Scholl's gel insoles for hubby, Paid $14 out of pocket for all of it after coupons, and received $30 back in store credit (Register Reward coupons) left over to respend later on whatever we wish.

(through dec 31st, 2008, if you buy $20 worth of either dimetapp or robitussin at walgreens, you will receive $20 back in store credit, which makes it free. with coupons, it is a money maker as you can see)

I have a ton of coupons that expire on the 31st, so I will be going back this week to use up my coupons and the $30 in store credit :)
I have my eye on these Digital xmas ornaments that hold 56 photos. Normally $19.99, they are on sale for 75 percent off at walgreens and using my register rewards, they will be free. They better have some left when i go or else... Now dont you go and buy them all!!!

Oh, forgot, today I also bought $10 in Johnson and Johnson brand baby shampoo/body wash and baby products. paid Less than $3 after mfg coupons and store coupons, and I got another Register reward for $3 back. Which makes the stuff free.

I wish the Dollar Tree took coupons ha ha. I went and picked up a couple of coupon organizers there along with a package of chopsticks- hubby was thrilled about that!!

If you have any questions on any of the above or couponing in general, feel free to email me at froginpigtails at yahoo dot com or leave me a comment here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Super deals for last minute items and every day crafting, etc.

Through the 24th, Joann Fabrics is having a great coupon for 50% off any item! Click here to print the Coupon GOod for online or in store purchases!!

Steve & Barry's is going out of business. We went there and got some awesome deals for the family. Hubby got 3 pairs of Cotton twill slacks for work for $5 each
Juniors and women's jeans are $5 a pair, T-shirts were less than $2. Children's clothes were nearly gone at the store i went to...
The best deal were Cherry wood & metal hangers and pants hangers were five for $1.00
These were super nice hangers in thick wood. now i can get rid of some of our plastic ones :)

We woke up to snow drifts all around and my 6 year old said, "This is totally AWESOME! We are TRAPPED!!!"

I was thinking, oh yea, it would be so awesome to be trapped in here with 3 kids...wait, isn't that just like every other day of my life? Ha ha