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Monday, October 27, 2008

Nick Jr. Pumpkin Stencils!! Yo Gabba Gabba etc

Go here to find lots of cool stencils for pumpkin carving!!
Inclueds Blue, Dora, Diego and more!


Mommy Monday it's the Season for chocolate

I don't know about you, but we are eating quite a bit of chocolate at our house, due to the holiday Halloween season approaching!

But, if you happen to NOT have enough chocolate in your stash, you can get a box of FREE truffles from Haydee Chocolatier here.

Or if Pizza is more your style, you can get Red Baron Pizzas at walgreens for $2.50 and use a $1 coupon found here.

Myself, we just went to Target this morning and bought 3 Digiorno Brand pizzas and got a $5 target gift card! We bought six, and got two $5 gift cards. I think I am going to use those as part of a Christmas gift for relatives that live out of state. Gift cards are great for mailing, as they don't weigh alot!! :)

I also went to Fred Meyer (kroger) and bought some more Frosted mini wheats (buy 3 get $3 catalina back). On the back of the maple and brown sugar ones, there are movie token thingies. You can collect 5 and get your choice of free DVD's. There are some great kids movies, including classics like Chitty Chitty Bang bang. So now, I have 5 tokens and can get a free kids movie to use for Christmas present!!

The hershey's candy that used to be 2 for $5 at Fred Meyer (kroger), is now 2 for $4. So you can get 8 bags of candy for halloween and get a $5 catalina back, so the bags of candy are around $1.25 each. That beats giving out those tootsie rolls that everyone else hands out that just end up collecting in the bottom of the trick or treat bag!

->Sneak Peek DEAL for KROGER stores:
the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and Pop Secret popcorn catalina deals are returning in November. I bought 4 of each last time and received $2.50 OYNO for the fruit snacks and $3 OYNO for the popcorn, so it may be the same deal this time around. Someone on SD got this info from customer service.

Some more freebies for moms:

Order the Free Kitchen Idea Book and Planning Guide is a full color book of ideas for making your dream home a reality. This book is jam packed with ideas for kitchens, baths, home office, entertainment centers, bedrooms, laundry rooms and more. Plus, we provide information on KraftMaid's product selection, cabinet construction and kitchen planning tips – all for FREE. This book is a must when planning your new kitchen!

--> remember to get your free Taco Bell taco tomorrow (Tuesday, October 28) between 2:00 and 6:00pm.

STOP and get your free redbox movie with this code today only: 93NCA5
You can get one for the kids and one for you if you have two different debit/credit cards to use.
One free rental per card number. Then it is free if you return it by tomorrow evening or keep it for two nights and only pay $1, its up to you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba Fans celebrate!

My son is absolutely LOVING all the new Yo Gabba Gabba episodes. He especially loves the Birthday episode. Here is some pictures of him with his treasured Yo Gabba Gabba pillow:

Whenever he is tired or crabby, he will run to find his brobee pillow and plop his head down on it. It is sooo cute!!

If you haven't tried out the new baby & toddler games and gizmo effects on the yo gabba gabba website, try them out!
The "Gizmos" are perfect for babies, since every time you move or click the mouse, the gizmos react.

The games are for older toddlers and young Children. My six year old daughter likes to try them out.

You can also watch some of the song videos from the tv show!

Looking for merchandise? My kids got adorable new pj's at walmart featuring Brobee(the little green one, shown above) and Foofa, my daughter's favorite. (the pink one) Target is also supposed to be carrying the line.

I know Hot topic website also carries the stuffed pillows and other small items.

There is also a whole new site for their merchandise at tystoybox.com

-->Keep up on all the news at their blog: brobee.blogspot.com

Fun Friday

Well, my kids missed the last lowe's build and grow workshop making skeletons a couple weeks ago, so I went today online and signed them up for the pumpkin project for tomorrow.

You can go to their website here to sign up for that or for the lowe's racing team semi truck coming up in a few weeks.

Or, Home Depot is offering a free project to make cool leaf presses on November 1. These are great for pressing more than just leaves! Go here to find their kids workshop info

Tomorrow, Saturday the 25th, Toysrus are also hosting a Family Video Game Day. You can try out all the latest games for free from 12-4pm.

On Saturday from 2-4 p.m. Border’s will hold a Halloween Spooktacular. Dress up in costumes for their costume contest, listen to stories or play games.

Don't forget also, for moms, the ALL YOU, Yes you Can, event happening at a walmart near you on either the 25th or 26th. Visit the link above for listings. There will be free samples and fun stuff from companies like suave, crisco, weight watchers, carefree, etc

With Halloween coming up, there are lots of exciting, fun ideas for the kids!
Here are a few of our favorites:

Recipe for Witches Brew: (like trail mix)

This recipe is a guarantee for perfect attendance.
1 C. Blood Drops - Red Hots
1 C. Owl Eyes - Peanuts

1 C. Cats Eyes - Peanut M&Ms
1 C. Chicken Toenails - Corn Candy

1 C. Colored Flies - M&Ms

1 C. Butterfly Wings - Fritos

1 C. Earthworms - Corn Curls

1 C. Cat Claws - Sunflower Seeds

1 C. Ants - Raisins

1 C. Snake Eyes - Chocolate Chips

1 C. Cobwebs - Triscuits

1 C. Lizard Gizzards - Shoestring Potato snacks

1 C. Bat Bones - Pretzels

Phantom Punch

1 Qt. Orange Juice

1 Qt. Seltzer Water or Club Soda

1/2 Gallon Sherbert

Grape Juice
Combine the liquid ingredients in a large bowl. You can add dry ice for a spoooky display! Complete by slicing sherbert into small squares and float on top. Serves 8-10 thirsty ghosts!

Paper Plate Masks Make a silly, scary mask using paper plates and cardboard egg cartons. Cut eye holes in a large paper plate. Cut apart the cups of an egg carton and arrange them on the plate to make a nose, beard, bumps. When you have an arrangement you like, use glue or masking tape to attach the cups in place. Paint the mask with finger paints and add facial features. Let the paint dry. Punch a hole in each side of the paper plate and string a piece of elastic or string through each hole to go around the head.

Paper Plate Spiders Paint paper plates black using finger paints. Let the paint dry. Using white paint, add eyes. You can also use the round paper reinforces used to reinforce the holes on 3 ring binder paper. Using black pipe cleaners, have the children bend legs and glue to the bottom of the plate.

Gumdrop Spiders Cut two black pipe cleaners into eight pieces. Buy black licorice gumdrops. Insert four pipe cleaner spider legs on each side of a gumdrop.

Visit this site for lots of Party games for Halloween!! Witch broom hunt and eyeball bounce and so much more: http://www.partygameideas.com/halloween-games/games-list.php

Toddlers too young for scary stuff? No problem, go here to visit this ADORABLE winnie the pooh halloween website with games, cards, stories, party ideas and more!http://www.newcelebritystudios.com/poohsrainforest/PoohHalloween.html

Lots of cute halloween coloring pages and activity ideas here!http://www.lil-fingers.com/holidays/halloween/

My daughter is having her first field trip today, to the Pumpkin Patch! She was so excited and I can't wait to hear how it went. Happy haunting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walgreens Nov 2 – Nov 8 Register Reward Sneak Peek

Walgreens Nov 2 – Nov 8 Register Rewards

Kitchen Appliances – Sale Price $9.99, Buy 1, Get $3RR - Buy 2 – Get $7RR, Buy 3 – Get $10RR
--Kitchen Gourmet; 2 Slice Toaster, Slow Cooker 1.5qt., Hot Pot 32oz, Single Burner, 5spd Mixer, Popcorn Popper, Waffle Maker, Tall Can Opener--Perfection; Garment Steam/Dry Iron, plus much more.

Head & Shoulders, Pantene, or Infusium23 Shampoo or Conditioner (16–25.4oz) – Sale Price 2/$12, Buy 2 Earn $2RR

Gillette Shampoo or 2n1 Bodywash –Sale Price 2/$9, Earn $2RR

Oral B CrossAction Power Toothbrush or 2pk Brush Heads– Sale Price $5.99, Earn $2RR

Zicam Cold Remedy – Sale Price $9.99 – Buy 1-Get $2RR, Buy 2 -Get $5RR

Vicks - Sale Price $4.49, Buy 1 –Get $1RR, Buy 2 –Get $3RR, Buy 3 -Get $6RR

Robitussen or Dimetapp (8oz.) – Sale Price $5.99 - Buy 2, Get $2rr, Buy 3, Get $5rr

Always Infinity Feminine Protection, 14 to 18pk –Sale Price $4.99, Earn $1RR

MiraLAX 14-day – Sale Price $9.99 – Buy 1, Earn $2RR

Tide 2x or Gain Laundry Detergent (48-64 loads) – Sale Price $11.99, Earn $1RR

Prilosec OTC (28ct) – Sale Price $18.99, Earn $3.50RR

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No more Rush at Big Lots

Ever tried to get to Big lots before their new items are sold out on the very first day??
I have and it can be frustrating!

Now, you can go online and grab those high demand items from Big lots!! As of 8AM today, you can shop online!

"What happens when Big Lots merchandise Buyers find an unbelievably, ridiculously great deal – but there's not enough for all our stores? Simple. They become the Big Lots online deal of the day.One amazing limited quantity deal at 8 AM ET every day.Of course, we may throw a curve ball from time to time by posting earlier, later or by posting more then one deal. While they're available, it's shopping nirvana"

I think this is a great idea and hopefully help you all grab that must have item at their LOW price :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

fred meyer shopping deals this month! october 2008

Well, I was really interested in learning more about shopping at Kroger brand grocery stores, as they have some really great deals and you can receive money back with their catalina program. FRed meyer is the only kroger brand store We have here in the boise ID area.
I tried shopping there last week and we got free Brut deodorant, johnsons buddies soaps, and some other great things including the mini wheats. We love the new flavors! Blueberry is my fave.
So since last week, I have $35 in catalinas(store credit) so far to use towards christmas shopping for my 3 kids.

Verified Fred meyer deals:

Frosted Mini Wheats on sale 2/$6(strawberry, blueberry & maple/brown sugar, cinnamon streusel, vanilla). Use $1 off printable coupon from sidebar. Must buy 3 to get $3 back in Catalinas. Good through 11/2 according to the coupon i got.

I saw a tag for Buy 20 Yoplait Yogurt get 2.00 catalina. I think it ends November 5th.

Buy 2 Carnation Instant Breakfast (looks like all varieties) Get $1.50 back in catalinas.
Valid 10-13 to 11-9.

Buy $15 in Hershey Halloween candy get $5 back in catalinas. the dates were from 10/12/08-10/31/08

Fleischmann’s 3-Packet Yeast- $1.49
Use .40/1 coupon from recent insert.
Final price after coupon: 69 cents
But then a .50 catalina should print out at check out as well. (A catalina is a print-out for a certain value off your next shopping trip.)
Final price after coupon and catalina: 19 cents
**if you buy the jar yeast you get $1 catalina back.

other great deals:
*Cottonelle 4-pack toilet paper $.99, if you have .50 off coupons, this is a great deal!

2 glade refills get $2 catalina

Mommy Monday

Rebate heaven today!!

I found a great website that lists lots of rebates and product offers that you can take advantage of for lots of different products . Here is the link: http://www.couponswap.o-f.com/online.htm
you can even get money back for buying movies like little mermaid, etc.

If you would like to try ZOUT for FREE. You can send in your receipt and upc with this printable form for up to $4 back www.trymefree-zout.com
I bought buy one get one free at walgreens last week, so i will get two free bottles of zout stain remover!

I bought alot of energizer batteries last week too on sale, with coupons, and there are a few different kinds of offers from energizer, that you can find on the rebate website link above.

Enter for a chance to win a trip to pixar animation studios, from disney Pixar WallE and Eureka
Go to eureka.com/walle (found in Better homes and Gardens magazine ad)

Did you know febreze noticeables is guaranteed? you can get a rebate/money back form here:

You can also use the manufacturer coupon to purchase arm & hammer essentials and get a form for their Try me free rebate offer here:http://www.essentialscleaners.com/tryit/index.html

http://www.sargentocheese.com/promot...Doo_Rebate.pdfScooby-Doo™ $3 DVD Rebate OfferGet $3 back by mail when you buy one specially marked package of Sargento®/Keebler® 5-Pack Snacks and your choice of Scooby-Doo™ and the Goblin King (available 9/23/08), What’s New Scooby-Doo™? Season 3 or Shaggy & Scooby-Doo™ Get a Clue Volume 2 on DVD by 12/31/08.

I found a $5 rebate from minute maid as well, when you buy Sleeping beauty, tinkerbell, walle or chronicles of narnia with minute maid products! It was in the better homes and gardens magazine that i got this week in the mail. it also says go to minutemaid.com/disney
so maybe the rebate form is online as well...i tried to look but it doesnt seem to be loading

Speaking of rebates, I am up to over $80 so far this month for walgreens rebate card! It is my second month so i am very excited :) If you want more info for their rebate offers each month, stop in and pick up their monthly easy saver booklet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

walgreens shopping trip this week

went to the store late this week..

I must say there was an awesome deal on energizer batteries- a luxury for us, since we usually use the cheap dollar store kind.

Dove soap is also incredibly good deal this week.

Didnt end up with much new RR's as there is not much to be had at this time of year.

today i got:

3 rolls bounty paper towels for .50 each after mfg coupon and weekly store coupon

3 large pkgs of Kotex for $4.65 after store sale and mfg coupons and also received $3RR

1 Bic Comfort 3 disposable razor 4 pk, around .38 after ivc and mfg coupons

2 scented oil refills for $1.69 after store sale and mfg coupons (rebate item)

1 cross action tbrush $2.82 after mfg coupon and also received $4.50RR

4 Dove trial size beauty bars, paid $2.05 after stre sale and mfg coupons and got a $3RR

used two RR's from last week

paid $1.04 walgreens gift card(rebate funds)

paid $1.06 oop

Got $10.50 back in RR's

I made $9.44 on this transaction

Second transaction:

7 pkgs Energizer batteries, size AAA, AA, C, D (paid $1.54 each pkg w/store coupon & mfg coupon)

2 glade refills (rebate item) $1.69 after store sale and coupons

4 Dove deodorants $4.62 after store sale and coupons and received $3RR

Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent(rebate item) $1.69

used RR's from last week

subtotal $1.61

paid $3.49 OOP w/tax

got $3RR back

My Total cost: .49 cents.


I then upgraded two of my $3RR's into $4.50RR's by purchasing oral b crossaction tbrushes:

Buy one Oral b toothbrush, and a filler such as the candy bars with the weekly sale coupon.

use the $3 RR and a $1 or .75 cent oral b mfg coupon. pay somewhere between .40 and .75 cents and get a $4.50RR back.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday still came

Nope, it was a no-go. if you read my post about having a bad monday on friday last week, I was hoping that would make up for MOnday and today would be fantastic! No It Wasn't.

Didn't get to do shopping today

Didn't get sewing projects finished, as scheduled

Didn't get Mommy Monday posted on the blog

etc etc etc... fill in the blanks! - including mail didn't go out today like i was needing it to

well what do you do in situations like this?
EAT of course LOL.

here is a free coupon for Arby's Beef n' Cheddar- one of my fast food faves!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shoppin' Saturday

well, today is my first try at a kroger brand store. anyone have any shopping tips to share?

If you havent already printed all the awesome HIGH DOLLAR coupons for lots of great household cleaning products, go here Promptly to do so! from the Right@ home website.
(perfect for using on rebate items for walgreens oct easy saver)

If your family goes through alot of cereal, like ours does, check out the new coupons on my sidebar coupon widget. there is $1 off any kelloggs, coupons for trix, apple cinnamon cheerios, Kellogg's frosted mini-wheats- including the new flavors of strawberry delight and blueberry muffin. The Blueberry is to Die for delicious!!! Other cereal coupons for boo berry, cinnamon toast crunch, cocoa puffs, cookie crisp, count chocula, Dora explorer. Also there is Foster Farms lunch meat coupons, lots of Pillsbury coupons! Bonne bell etc.

If you know of a good vacuum, let me know. I have to go find a new one today, or the little one's cracker crumbs are going to pile up mighty high...


Diaper Study--free diapers and $10
Arguest diaper study. Boys and Girls who wear size 4 diapers.GIRLS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646BOYS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634Arquest sends you free diapers, you use them until they're gone, then you fill out a survey. Then on a set date they will call you to read the survey answers to them and send you a check for $10!!

IF you havent gotten your copy of the All You magazine yet, here is a list of what coupons are included, so you can see if it is worth your while this month. (click on the link)

Sick Friday, hoping for a better monday, Bad Mommy Pizza blunder and Walgreens Shopping success story

Sorry i didnt post fun friday for the kids but my 6 year old was sick with a cough all night on thursday night and so she stayed home from school friday. I have been giving her the new triaminic thin strips that we got last week for free at walgreens. It takes me all day to get her to take any liquid medicine, so these are perfect for her! She just puts the very small thin strip in her mouth and then i let her drink some juice afterwards as a reward. Takes less than 30 seconds now to medicate her :)
(You can still go to the triaminic website to print $2 off any triaminic product)

So.. since we basically had a "case of the Monday's" today on a friday, that means Monday will be great, right??

Tomorrow, I am going to make my first Kroger's shopping trip. (stores include Fred meyer, ralph's, fry's, etc). Feeling "iffy" on this, but we will see how it goes...
Supposedly, if I use my coupon to buy one get one free on a glade gel warmer for under $2, I will get two $4 catalinas to use on my next purchase...buy a scented oil warmer for $4.99 minus a $2 coupon and a bogo, and get two $4 cats

Well, tonight was school fundraiser night at Papa John's. I decided to order online, not realizing until I placed the order, that there was no comment box or any way for them to know I was participating in the fundraiser.. UMMMM. Did I mention I had a sick child and a baby to take care of all day? That's my excuse! well, you know what they say about good intentions..oh well.
I must admit it was the BOGO pizza code that enticed me to order online, whoops :)

By the way, the code is "chase" to get a free large 3 topping pizza when you order a large 3 topping pizza. Or "amex" to Buy x-tra large specialty pizza & get free large original crust 1-topping pizza.

My shopping at Walgreens tonight went slightly better than the pizza fundraiser fiasco!

Since employees got 25% off friday only, I saved all the more expensive rebate items for today's shopping trip and even got the Revitalift item continued from last month's rebate book.
Of course, I used a bunch of the awesome new HIGH DOLLAR coupons from the right@ home website. There are coupons for all but one of the rebate items needed for #27 in the October walgreens easy saver booklet. They range from $10 off the automatic shower cleaner, to $2 off Pledge, Scrubbing bubbles stuff, and more!! There is $30 0f coupons on there and you should be able to print them twice...

So anyways, I paid around $25 OOP, got over $27 back in RR's and will get over $25 in rebates(havent figured the exact amount yet.) I even got $1.18 back in change on one transaction!!

I made $2.50 on each oral b cross action toothbrush I bought, for just one example of the great deals i got today. The total amount saved in mfg coupons alone was around $105, not counting any of the IVC/walgreens store coupons!

One of my transactions should have been .84 cents, but ended up being $2.04 instead because they forgot to give me the discount. whoops...

Hope you all have good plans for the weekend. We have errands to run, must replace dead vacuum, get some sewing notions, a few groceries.. and I promised my hubby I would make onion rings. He reminded me at 8:30pm- yeah, I'll get right on it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walgreens Oct 26 – Nov 1 Register Reward sneak peek

Walgreens Oct 26 – Nov 1 Register Reward

Rembrandt Dental Care – Buy both products, Earn $10RR
--Toothpaste 2.6 or 3.0 oz. – Sale Price $4.99
--2 Hour Whitening Kit – Sale Price $19.99

Listerine Mouthwash – Sale Price $5.49, Buy 2 Earn $5RR

Pedialyte –Sale Price 2/$9, Earn $2RR

Claritin (45ct, 10mg)– Sale Price $24.99 – Buy 1 Earn $5RR

Sunbeam Warming Throw – Sale Price $34.99 –
Buy 1 Earn $5RR Buy 3 Earn $4RR, Buy 4 Earn $6RR
--Bayer Ascensia Breeze2 or Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System – Sale Price $9.99
--Alka Seltzer Plus Cold 20ct. or NeoSynephrine Nasal Spray – Sale Price $4.99
--Pain Relief; Aleve, Bayer, Midol – Sale Price $4.99
--Citracal Calcium – Sale Price $8.99
--Antacids; Alka Seltzer, Phillips, Milk of Magnesia – Sale Price $3.49
--One A Day Vitamins – Sale Price $6.99

Walgreens Oct 19 - Oct 25 Register Reward Sneak Peek

Walgreens Oct 19 - Oct 25 Register Rewards

Pringles – Sale Price 10/$10, Earn $3RR12pk
Pepsi Products – Buy 3, Earn $2RR - Sale Price 3/$11Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist pictured

Kraft ProductsBuy $10 in selected Kraft products, get $3 RR (9-26 to 10-25)
Ritz Crackers/toasted chips, Wheat Thins toasted chips, Nabisco Premium crackers, Mac & Cheese crackers, Planters peanuts, & Capri Sun juice boxes. Sale Price 4/$10

Gillette Fusion or Venus Embrace Razor – Sale Price $8.99, Earn $4RR

Always Infinity Feminine Protection, 14 to 18pk – Sale Price $4.99, Earn $1RR

Cold Medicine/Tummy Care – Buy 3 Earn $5RR
--Sudafed or Sudacare – Sale Price $3.99
--Benedryl – Sale Price $6.49
--Pepcid Acid Reducer or Immodim AD – Sale Price $3off
--Tylenol Allergy, Cold, Sinus Relief – Sale Price $4.99
--Tylenol or Motrin – Sale Price $4.99
--Mylanta or Rolaids – Sale Price $4.99

Buy 2 Earn $4RR, Buy 3 Earn $8RR
--Theraflu or Triaminic – Sale Price $4.99
--Excedrin – Sale Price $5.99
--GasX, Maalox, ExLax – Sale Price $4.99
--Keri Lotion – Sale Price $5.99
--Benefiber – Sale Price $9.99
--Eye Care Products – Sale Price $3off

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold – Sale Price $4.99 – Buy 1 Earn $4.99RR

Kleenex Facial Tissue – Sale Price 3/$4 – Buy 3 Earn $1RR

free magazine subscription to Remedy magazine, coupons

You can get a free magazine subscription to Remedy magazine, and special offers/coupons by signing up HERE.

Recipes from B. Smith and lots more on their website as well! I think it is a 3 year subscription. at least that is the one I got...


Monday, October 6, 2008

Mommy Monday

Buy two French's French Fried Onions products and receive a FREE copy of Mom's Best Meals cookbook. Mail your receipt by October 31, 2008 to
Reader's digest
c/o marketing dpt
260 Madison Ave, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Dream of quitting your job to stay home with the kids? The first step is understanding your expenses. The second? Seeing if your family can cover them comfortably on just one salary.
Use the Parents.com Stay at Home Calculator. It helps you see if this would be an option for you and your family. Great tool!

Arm & Hammer has lots of printable coupons, including ones for laundry detergent that's on sale next week at walgreens (oct12).

-->Here is a great beauty tip for moms using Baking Soda:
Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a creamy face wash a few times a week. "Baking soda is a gentle exfoliant that removes oil from your pores," says NYC derm Sapna Westley.

Other beauty tips-

Mist your face with a refreshing tonic for a pick-me-up anytime. Fill a 3 oz spray bottle with water and squeeze a fresh orange, and add the zest from the peel. "The citrus replenishes your skin and the aroma perks you up," says Spa expert Ole Henrikson.

Ease neck and shoulder tension:
Roll a few bags of chamomile tea in a setamed hand towel(dipped in hot water and wrung out). Wrap it around your neck and rub it from side to side. "The tea scent relaxes your muscles, and the heat may help to loosen up any stiffness", says Susan Knoplfer, Miami chiropractor. "Tilt your right ear toward your shoulder and hold it there for five seconds. Repeat on the left side, this undoes tension in the lower neck so you may actually feel looser all over."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

FREE deals for Walgreens week of Oct 5

there isnt as much stuff to be had as the past two weeks have been, so i am going to focus on the free deals:

Aquafina or SOBE ,FREE
SALE: $.50 after ESQ
mfg coupon for 50 cents off Tearpads or peelies
Total: free!

Glade Wisp Candle, Overage
SALE: 5.99
MQ: $5
TOTAL: Spend 0.99 on one and get $3 RR back
add the BOGO coupon and get two for .99

Garnier Fructis Shampoo Or Conditioner 25.4 oz
SALE: 5.99
MQ: $2
IVC: $3 oct. booklet
TOTAL: 5.99 less 2/1 mq less 3.00 IVC= .99

Visine Eye Drops FREE
AD Q: $2
3.99 less 2.00 ad q, less 2.00 mfg coupon= free

Crest Toothpaste, FREE
SALE: $1.99
MQ: $1
IVC: $1
TOTAL: -$.01

Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder
SALE: $3.99
MQ: $2
ESMIR: Oct #31 ($2 rebate, up to 4)
TOTAL: -0.01 MATH: 3.99 - 2.00 Q - 2.00 rebate = -0.01

Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes
Sale: 2/5
MQ: $1 on any SB bathroom cleaner
ESMIR# 27 1.00 (up to 6)
Total: 2/$5 - 2.50 bogo - .$1MQ - 2.00 ESMIR = -.50 overage

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max Starter Kit
SALE: $3.99
MQ: $3.00
ESMIR: $1.50 Oct, #30
TOTAL: -$0.49MATH: 3.99-3 MQ=0.99-1.50 ESMIR = -$0.49

Glade 4 oz candle
SALE: $1.99 each
MQ: $1
ESMIR: $1 each, limit 10 #28
TOTAL: .01 overage each

Schick Disposable Razors
SALE: $6.99; plus (3) .97 travel size
MQ: (4) $2/1
ES Q: $2 page 16
TOTAL: .10 overage

Walgreens week of Oct 12 Register Rewards deals

2 Liter Soda – Buy 4, Earn $2RR - Sale Price 4/$5Dr. Pepper, 7Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch, or Sunkist

Unilever Food Products – Buy $15, Earn $5RR·
Bertolli Chicken Dinner - Sale Price $6·
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise - Sale Price 2/$7·
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, Skippy Peanut Butter - Sale Price 3/$5·
Breyer’s Ice Cream – Sale Price 2/$7·
Country Crock – Sale Price 2/$3

Dove Skin, Bath, or Hair Care – Sale 25%off – Buy 4, Earn $5RR

Dental Care – Sale Price 2/$6 – Buy 2, Earn $2RR· Crest Whitening or Natures Expression TP, 6oz.· Oral B Advantage 1-2-3 TB· Glide Floss Packs 30ea.

Kotex Products – Sale Price 3/$9 – Buy 3, Earn $3RR·
14-24pk Maxi Pads· 18pk Tampons· 46 or 64pk Pantiliners

Buy 2, Get $5rr, Buy 3, Get $10rr- Advil $6.99- Robitussin $3.99- Dimetapp $3.99- Centrum or Caltrate $6.99Mucinex – Sale Price $9.99,

Purchase 2, Get $5rrAlkaSeltzer Plus – Sale Price 2/$10 – Buy 2, Earn $3

RRVicks (Hand Sanitizer, Liquid, LiquiCaps), Sale Price 2/$12, Earn $4RR

Zicam Cold Remedy – Sale Price $9.99 – Buy 1, Earn $2RR Buy 2, Earn $5RR

Temper Form or Slumber Heat Heating Pad – Sale Price $49.99, Earn $10RR

Heat Sense or Flexible Heating Pad – Sale Price $35.99, Earn $5RR

MiraLAX 14-day – Sale Price $9.99 – Buy 1, Earn $2RR

Omeprazole 42ct - $19.99, Earn $5RR

Always Infinity Feminine Protection (14-18pk) – Sale Price $4.99 – Earn $1RR

Buy 2, Earn $5RR- Tylenol 150 ct. 9.99- Motrin 150 ct. 9.99- Zyrtec 30ct. 18.99

Shoppin' Saturday Lots of Fun to be had for a 6yr old

Oct 6-11, BIg Lots is offering a 20% off coupon. Go on Tuesday to make sure you don't miss out on next week's new items. They are only guaranteed in stock on that day. THey have lots of halloween and christmas items coming in so go take a look!

current and upcoming Walgreens deals:

9-26 to 10-25; buy $10 in selected Kraft products, get $3 RR
Ritz Crackers/toasted chips, Wheat Thins toasted chips, Nabisco Premium crackers, Mac & Cheese crackers, Planters peanuts, & Capri Sun juice boxes.
Oct 5 week:
Glade Wisp Candle, Overage
SALE: 5.99
Use $5/1 mfg. coupon
TOTAL: Spend 0.99 on one get $3 RR back
(I am posting more upcoming walgreens deals through Oct 25th on a seperate thread so you can read it to find out lots more stuff to come!)

--Last day to shop at participating Kmarts for the coupon doubling event is Today. They will double the value of mfg coupons up to $2
--Last day to use the $5 off coupon at Walgreens, today also.

Here are some photos of my 6 year old having a whole lotta fun a few weekends ago, and it was all FREE! (minus a couple quarters for the "rides")

Here she is, just leaving Lowe's after building her very own Pirate ship. She just loves her goggles and had lots of fun as you can see by her face:

Next stop, was the mall, where she rode on some little Rides:

"Maybe if I stick my tongue out, it will go faster!"

(There was a little girl, with no parents in sight that I could see, sitting on the rides, so we shared a quarter with her too.)

Next stop, Free Basketball, carnival style

"way to go!"

Of course, she had to try on at least 3 different halloween accessories on her head at one time!

Friday, October 3, 2008

ANOTHER $5 Walgreens coupon??

Here is what I got last monday. Sorry I didnt post it. Kids in my hair and all that good stuff!
-66.50 earned in Register rewards.
=30.04 earned this shopping trip

I got six bottles of softsoap body wash, Six bottles of shampoo/conditioners, 3 boxes of hair color, 1 tub lysol wipes, 3 toothbrushes, 3 mr clean magic erasers, 1 febreze noticebles, 3 tylenol allergy, 3 tylenol sinus, 1 Gillette fusion power razor and 2 candies(not pictured-confiscated by kids).

-->Wow, there has been one of these $5 or $10 walgreens coupons nearly every weekend lately! I am not complaining though...

I wanted to go today to spend the coupon, but am not going till tomorrow, which is also my birthday :)

We are going to use two $5 walgreens coupons on this:
4 bags of Hersheys snack/fun size (rebate item)
4 bags Hersheys Harvest candies (rebate item)
5 boxes Nature valley granola bars ($3.50 RR)
2 Rice Krispie treats($2 RR)
3 Soda($4RR)
10 Pringles ($3RR)

Softsoap handsoap on sale for .99 minus.35 mfg coupon = .98 for two
Softsoap body wash using $1 IVC = $7.47 minus $5RR earned= $2.47 for 3 bottles
--if you add the $1 mfg coupon printed from the colgate website then you can take $3 more off

$13.50RR earned
and a $4 and a $5 Rebates earned for hersheys

5 Boxes Nature Valley($3.50RR)
2 Sandies cookies, nutrigrain bars or special k bars($2RR)
1 Skin genesis(free after rebate item)
2 Gillette shampoo(rebate item)
3 Infusium23($8RR)
3 Children's tylenol($5RR and awesome deal)
-$5 walgreens coupon
-$2 skin genesis coupon
$2 Gillette couponsx2
$2 Infusium23 couponsx3
$1.50 Tylenol IVC
$1 Tylenol mfg couponx2(i dont have 3)
$1 tylenol coloring book coupon
using a $4RR, $4.50RR and a $5RR

Cost approx. $9
earning $18.50 in RR

also $7.99 in rebates

I may add the nivea mens body wash in , which is an added Oct rebate item this month. Lipsyl and Revitalift have also been added on for the MOnth of October!

Pictures from Last week's Kids Activity

Here are my girls at the Lowe's building activity last saturday. A week from today, there will be another one, which is a skeleton. I posted the link last week.

They made Fire trucks for their little brother this time. Here are the pictures:
Sorry i cant make the pictures line up right on here!!

Fun Friday for Kids M&M's anyone?

My kids are having a four day weekend, so Friday crept up on me today. I thought it was still Thursday since they didnt have school yesterday or today! whoops :)

well with the winter season coming up, we have been stocking up on cold medicine and tylenol for the kids. I got three of them now, so we will be using a lot of it I expect!

Until Saturday, you can get 3 bottles of Tylenol cold medicine for kids or Motrin for a great deal at Walgreens. On sale for $4.99 each, there is also a $1.50 off coupon in the October Easy saver booklet and you can get a couple more $1 tylenol coupons on the tylenol.com website. Once you print your coupon, click the back button 3 times to print your second $1 coupon. That is $8.47 for 3 bottles, plus you will get a $5 Register Reward back, good on your next purchase. So it is less than $4 for 3 bottles of tylenol. YOu can take $2 off the price of each bottle of Motrin as well, if you use the coupon in the walgreens coloring book- found near the pharmacy, and use the $1 coupon on the motrin.com website. If you are new to walgreens and need more info, leave a comment and i will respond.

This coming week from Oct 5 through the 11th, M&Ms are on sale for 2/$4. There is a $1 off 2 in the October walgreens easysaver book, and there were also $1 off 2 coupons in the newspaper last weekend. So you can get two bags of M&Ms for your kids(or yourself) for only $2! IF you have a walgreens rebate card, you can also earn $4 for 4 bags. So that is 4 bags for free after rebate!

YOu could even use Rice Krispies you bought with the coupon I posted last friday, to make cool halloween treats with m&ms for decoration. OR make cupcakes, line them up like a centipede. Use rope licorice for legs on both sides of the cupcakes, and decorate the tops with M&M patterns on the "back" of the centipede. Spoooky

Make Gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and frosting (there are coupons for frosting on our coupon sidebar widget). Use the M&M's in halloween colors to create a spook house!

My kids make these every year for halloween and Christmas!

GO HERE to see literally TONS of cool Treats that you can make for Halloween with the kids and M&Ms and other goodies!!

Alien Invasion Cookies, Dancing Bones brownies, Frankenstein goodie bags, and so much more, perfect for at home treats or for sharing at any party.

Here is the link for ALL TREATS USING M&M's

You know how my girls love pirate stuff, so I am sure we will be trying this Pirate Cake.

So far though, we havent managed to keep the m&m's around long enough to use them for decoration! Four bags have already been all used up. We are going tomorrow to get 4 more for FREE :)

Hey, we might have enough to make these cute crawlin' critters, because they dont require that many m&m's :) Picture shown at the top of this post.

What you'll need:
1 bag MILKY WAY® Brand FUN SIZE® Bars
1 bag M&M'S® Brand MINIS® Milk Chocolate Candies Halloween Mini Packs
1 bag SNICKERS® Brand FUN SIZE® Bars
1/2 cup butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup white sugar
1 egg(s)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups flour
1 16-oz. container white frosting
Orange and green food coloring
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoons salt
30 mini muffin liners
Mini muffin pan

Makes 30 critters using milky way and m&m's

Go HERE to print the recipe

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoppin' Saturday Starts EARLY This week! kmart

Kmart is DOUBLING the value of Mfg. Coupons all this week until Saturday, So I am posting this before saturday.

This applies to coupons up to $2 WOW (no IP internet printed coupons)

call 1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848), from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (CT) Monday - Sunday to check for your location.

I hear that even if it is not in your location, it is still possible to do this if you go to the service desk.

A friend of mine reports that she got the GIllette men's shampoo, on sale for $2/4 and used a $2 Coupon, so got it free- did it 5 times. way to go!

here are some deals to get you started:
Gillete's Men Shampoo 2/$8Use 2/1 from 9/28 insertsFree After doubled coupon
Pert Plus Shampoo 2.99use 1.50/1 couponFree After doubled coupon
Suave deodorants 1.79Use 0.75 doubled29 cents each after doubled coupon
Kotex Pantiliners $1.49Use 0.75/1 couponFree after doubled coupon
Dove Candy Bars 2.29Use 1/1 coupon29 cents each after coupon
Glade Fabric Spray 3.29Use 1.50/129 cents after doubled coupon
Revlon Nailpolish 4.19Use 2/1 coupon19 cents each after doubled coupons
Right Guard Deodorant 2.49Use 1/1 Manufacturer coupon49 cents after doubled coupon
Healthfood Life Cat FoodUse 1/1 couponFREE after doubled coupon
Good Life Cat Food 4.29Use 1.50/1 tearpad found at Kmart1.29 a bag after doubled coupon
Pounce Cat Treats 1.29Use 1.50/2FREE after doubled coupon
Ziploc Containers 2.50Use 1.50/2 coupon$1 after doubled coupon
Dawn Direct Foam 3.29Use 1.50/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet29 cents after doubled coupon
Lysol Spray 4.79Use 2/1 coupon79 cents after doubled coupon

Have fun shopping.