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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet another mommy mystery-24k gold diapers?

Just another mystery I have yet to solve: Why are baby swim diapers so expensive?? They are lined with gold..humph!

I don't see the reasoning behind such a small package costing as much as $6.99 Avoiding the "swollen diaper syndrome" is not worth that much! Stick a cloth diaper on the tyke and a plastic diaper cover and you're set!

You could even go to one of my favorite websites such as www.keenobambino.com and get yourself the swimmi Reusable swim diaper and even pick up up one of our Burpie Baby Deluxe mess kits in Pink or black skulls, while you are there!

Anyways, if you still want some disposable diapers, you can go to my sidebar and click to view "all coupons" and get your own coupon for $1.50 off Huggies Swim diapers! THere is even a $5 off coupon for HTH brand pool & spa products for a swimmin' good time. Pick as many as you like and them print them out! It's free for you and helps me keep the blog going.

If you need a travel pack of wipes or some baby lotion, etc, I still have two $1 off coupons to give awaythat you can use on any huggies brand product. You could get two travel packs of wipes absolutely free with these! I can't really believe these coupons are still hanging around this long. They are good through 2009

Did any of you get your free playtex brand, "nearly indestructible" sippie cup yet? If so, tell us how you like it!

Well, there are only 3 days left to take advantage of Toysrus.com's huge clearance sale. There is stuff from $1 and up and free shipping too on many items. Get great deals on toys, back to school items, star wars, etc! If you have any extra shopping money left, you can go stock up for upcoming birthdays or what have you. I don't, so I won't be! LOL

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