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Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Your Addiction? Contest- Free stuff!

Hey, I would love to know what the rest of you are "addicted" to or the thing you tend to spend money on the most for yourself. It could be to support a hobby, or satisfy your sweet tooth, etc!
Just click on the comment link at the bottom of this post to "weigh in". The person that I deem to have the most intriguing response will win your choice of either our convertible Binkie Bib or the new Burpie 911. (Click on the links on the blog sidebar to view the products)

You have until August 1st, 2008 to get your responses in! If you would rather email your response, send it to froginpigtails at yahoo dot com

(This contest has ended, to enter our monthly drawing, simply email me at froginpigtails at yahoo dot com and request to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and tell me how you found the blog!) There are two drawings in August and you can earn 4 entries! go here for details

So to feed just ONE of my personal "addictions" I have some new fabric coming in this week! I ordered it a few months ago, so it will so exciting to finally get it in. Wonder what I will make with it...guess you will have to wait and see.
Sooo YUMMY and no calories! If you want any of this fabric, email me I will see what I can do :)


Sarah J. said...

Well I've got to admit anything that can keep me crafting, keeps me happy!

I am glad my hubby puts up with it. We just moved into a "new to us" house and now I have my own crafting room.

The thing I buy most is yarn. I am an independent tester for a couple of crochet designers and absolutely LOVE it!

I have just recently picked up sewing and also enjoy it! So I guess anything that keeps the creativity flowing.

Not to mention things to keep my kids occupied, so I can enjoy the crafting. Even if it is some crafts for the kids. Anything helps :)

Shannon said...

More than any one "thing", I am addicted to ebay. I don't let it get out of hand....we don't have a lot of money, but I absolutely adore going online from the comfort of my home, purchasing something, and having it come to me a few days later! What awes me most is that I can get almost ANYTHING I'm after on ebay. Need a kombucha mushroom? Got it on ebay! Trying to find a copy of an obscure 80's TV movie? Got it on ebay! Breastmilk storage bags? Wholesale toothbrushes? Business plan for starting my own dog treat store online (which I haven't done yet)? Half a crate of diapers? Homeschooling supplies and books galore? Got it all on ebay!
My latest purchasing jag, though, has been stickers with an amusement park theme...not for me but to decorate birthday cards and gift bags for MOPS (our theme this year is Adventures in Mothering). I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but then my scrapbooking pal moved away. These days I much prefer to do creative things for other people, tho I still would like a new scrapbooking friend!

Alana said...

I go through phases of addictions: stamping, sewing, computers, books...but my latest addiction is making everything from scratch. I haven't bought bread from the store since February--just hotdog buns and hamburger buns. I make whole wheat bread, pumpkin cakes, frosting, cookies, tortillas, refried beans, yogurt, slushies/milkshakes, pancake mix, etc. I never seem to have enough measuring cups, measuring spoons, cooking utensils, baking accessories, or storage containers. So that's what I spend my money on.

Some of my latest purchases (all on discount or sale) have been a wire cupcake rack, 8 mini bunt pans, measuring cups and spoons, strainer, 5 gallon buckets, snapware containers, ziploc bags.... Luckily it's a lot less expensive than stamping! In fact, it usually helps me save money.

SouthfieldFam said...

I am secretly addicted to soap! ALL soap! I LOVE knowing that I have TONS of soap in my garage! Shampoo, laundry detergent, hand soap, bar soap, bleach, dishwaser tablets, I ALWAYS have an unopened Costco box (at least one) of all the soaps we use! I cannot stand the idea of running out soap! Weird, huh?

Danielle said...

HMMM I was going to write sex- but let's face it with a 10 month old co-sleeping baby that's not happening. BUT... I figured it is more exciting than blogging which seems to be my only addiction at this time!

mei said...

i love these sugar cookies that are at my grocery store. i can't not buy them when i see them. an of course i tend to eat them all in a day or two. i'm trying to lose the baby weight so i avoid going near that section of the store. if i need bread i send my 12 year old to get it. i know its a sad addiction. but its mine. anyone know a sugar cookie support group?

the dunks said...

I would have to say my new obsession is being a super shopper and finding great deals. I've always done that with clothing but now I've started with groceries and house hold supplies. I'm totally addicted but it's fun to beat the stores!

catherine said...

My latest obsession is stockpiling my household cleaning supplies and toiletries. I can not seem to stop myself from buying toothpaste and shampoo even though I have tons of it already!

Brandy said...

My obsession would be coffee. I NEED IT!! Haha, I have three kids ages 4, 2, and 5 months, so I need all of the energy I can get. However, there is only one kind that I will buy, Duncan Donuts French Vanilla, It is so good. It is my only splurge, and probably the most expensive thing I buy for myself (the cheapest I have found is $6.39 a bag), but It is my little treat. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

I love your products, they are so cute.

kewpiedoll104 said...

Im addicting to shopping... what woman isnt, right?
But Im SOOO addicted that this whole couponing and sales thing has me obsessed cause I get to still shop on my new enforced home budget... and the hubby cant get mad! :)

intime0 said...

I have so many addictions, where do I start?

I have notebooks FILLED with scrapbook stickers, not to mention an entire desk, shelf and drawer shelf thingy overflowing with supplies. And at least 15 actual albums...some in the process of being scrapped and some with themes tagged to get started.

I have way too many baby wearing devices...slings, wraps, mei ties.

But I guess the thing I really cant resist is cloth diapers. I'm always shopping online for cloth diapers. Oh I have enough to last any family forever but that doesnt stop me. I have boys, girls, gender neutral in EVERY size. They are so cute and soft and cuddly I just cant help myself. If I could sew...I'd be in trouble.


LeAnna said...

I have a fetish for shampoo, and it drives my husband nuts! I can't help it! It's not uncommon for me to have 3 to 4 SETS of shampoo/conditioner in the shower at one time. Then you add in all the body wash, sugar scrubs and shaving cream, and it looks like the shampoo aisle at wal-mart.
Of course there is hubby's lone bar of soap in the mix, but for some reason he said it doesn't count! :)

flowers7886 at gmail dot com

JS Hess said...

Well, this isn't too original, but I am so addicted to freebies! Seriously- everyone at work thinks I'm crazy. Free anything- toiletries, food, toys, household products. I'm a "free-gan"! :)

Jennifer said...

I am addicted to office/school supplies. Luckily, I am a teacher, so I can hide my addiction pretty well. Before I started teaching though, I had boxes and boxes of school supplies I had purchased at bargain prices or had received for free. I love shopping for pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. It's sick, I know.

Jem said...

My obsessions?
1. Shoes. Shoes. and Shoes.
2. Coupons and bargain hunting.
3. Cleaning! Now that my son is older, he's got his everyday routine which gives me time to clean while he's napping.

4. And last but not least, my husband and baby!

Would love to win!


ArkieRN said...

Am totally addicted to books. My house is filled flor to ceiling with them. One day I will be found dead under a pile of them because I tried to pull one out of the bottom of a stack and started an avalance.

Tassie said...

I'm addicted to shopping for my kids. I have 3 so it's really easy to get carried away. We just had out first girl in March and the ladies at Gymboree now know me by name. I find myself stock piling clothes for my children just like I do everything else we need.


froginpigtails said...

I have loved reading ALL the entries! I am so glad to see that several of you like free stuff and saving money because we will be featuring weekly freebies and coupons for stuff right here on our blog! If you have a money saving tip or freebie to share, send 'em on over!
I hope to hear from you all again sometime,
The Burpie baby Blog

brady said...

Well, I am a woman of many addictions! Don't worry, they are all good addictions. Here is my list:

1.) Reading blogs -- it doesn't matter if I know you or not, I will read your blog. I guess this is a spin off of my reality TV addiction. However, now that I have a 6 month old, it's not as easy to catch the shows. The internet is always available and is a great, late night read.

2.) Writing in my own blog that I created to allow all my family (all over the place) to stay in touch with my little man. I designed it so Brady is the author and I can't stand to skip a day. I think I have missed 1 in the last 2 months!

3.) CVSing and couponing - I am addicted to Extracare bucks!!!!

See, I told you they were all good. I have many more but these are my current, most prevalant addictions!

Rebecca said...

My addictions are many in number...but I'll only share two for now :)

I really enjoy making purses out of placemats. I can't go to Walmart, Kmart or Target without walking down the placemat aisle. For a smaller purse, just fold in half and sew up the sides and sew on handles. For larger purses you need to buy more than one placemat.

But most recently, I have undertaken the 101 in 1001 project. The main idea is to preset 101 goals (family, work, friends, financial, spiritual, etc.) write them all down and complete them in 1001 days. There are websites out that explain it in more detail but that's the jist. It's an ADDICTION looking to see what I can do to cross another goal off of my list!

candace said...

My girls are my hobby :) I love buying and selling items, such as diaper bags, clothing, boutique items and when i'am done, i just resell them and use the money to buy new things... it's a great way to have nice things for much cheaper :)

Josh and Dana said...

Ooohh...starbucks! I know it's not especially economic but I love to buy myself a giftcard with a set amount, go online and register it (to get all the free perks!) and then use it to get my fix when my girlfriend and I go to the mall to walk with the kiddos. When it runs out, it runs out but a very sweet barista there often makes our drinks for free! My favorite right now is a grande iced coffee, sweetened (of course) with about 2 inches of 2% milk...it's the best in this hot weather!