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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Stroller is my Throne!

This past week, my son has been drawn to the allure of baby strollers. It's like they are calling to him and he just cannot resist! (This is oddly amusing, because he really hates going in the stroller at the store, etc.)

My six year old daughter has a pink doll stroller which she likes to sit in. She usually will sit in it to watch television. I keep waiting for the day that it gives out!

Anyways, she was sitting in it as she tends to do, and my 13 month old son saw her and just went ballistic. He started screaming at her and trying to take the doll stroller away! He definitely acted as if she had something very precious of his and he was going to pitch a fit until she gave it back! Eventually he got his chance and he promptly climbed into it and would not get out. He held his ground until he finally fell asleep in sister's pink doll stroller :)

We also have a human-sized baby stroller. We keep it around for short walks to the mailbox and such, and he seems to be equally drawn to that one as well. All this past week, whenever he sees it in the house, he makes his way over to it and tries to climb in. If it is in a position where it can't roll away, he gets his little knee up there and plops his diapered bottom right down.Then, he will sit there and wait for us to notice that he is in the stroller. If we Don't notice, he yells for someone to notice! Then we have to push him around the house in the stroller, while he contentedly takes it all in, as if he is a little king surveying his kingdom.

Once we get tired of pushing him around, which is usually about 2 minutes later, we sit him in the family room hoping he will be happy enough to watch television in the stroller so we won't have to keep pushing him! Of course, he is never happy with just sitting and yells/demands someone to push him- so, we will push him back and forth in one spot which seems to be enough. This nearly always results in him falling asleep...Whew! The little king is asleep in his throne and we can all take a break.

Ok, so now it is time for a breather, lets get all the kids outside to play and do something different. What does the baby want to do? Do you want to go on your little slide? Play in the sandbox? Go on the swings? Go in the baby pool? -Most definitely NOT the pool. Nope, he spies the stroller out on the patio and promptly climbs in and there he goes, back and forth, back and forth. My feet are Tired.

1 comment:

SouthfieldFam said...

He is such a funny little guy! Maybe it's a younger sibling thing, cause my boys STILL love being pushed in the play strollers by their sisters!