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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'll take Steamed Clams with my Birthday Cake...

So my baby girl is Six years old! Petite, and sweet, I still think of her as such a little girl. She asks me at least weekly, if she is still my baby girl, so of course, I tell her yes!
With her baby brother around, I guess she misses being the "baby" of the family.

Every year, she always wants the same theme for her birthday- Strawberry Shortcake!
This year was no exception, but with a little prompting from Mom, she actually ended up changing her mind and choosing carebears instead!
Woo hoo, finally variety ;) I was running out of ideas of how to make a new and different Strawberry Shortcake themed cake, LOL.
I love to make my kids elaborate birthday cakes each year, however, this year, since she is SUCH a big girl now, my daughter announced that she was going to help me make one!

On the morning of her birthday, she reminded me that I needed to bake her cake, as if i could forget.
Once it was baked and cooled, we broke out the frosting. It absolutely had to be cream cheese frosting.
The two of us went online, and looked up Care Bears. She finally settled on Wish Bear for her cake, which was sheer luck!
I just happened to have the exact shade of pastel green cake sprinkles and a small tube of dark green frosting that you use for writing on cakes.
That could be used to draw on the face and it will be...Perfect!! NO running to the grocery store for supplies!

We then proceeded to carefully cut one of the round shaped cakes into the shape of a bear face.
Daddy had to be a pest and eat part of the cake without asking which pieces he could have, so he was promptly swatted and banned from the kitchen. Luckily little brother was fast asleep in his Moby baby carrier and we were free from naughty little hands.
The second round cake, we used to cut out two ears and a nose section. We frosted the whole thing with white
frosting, drew on the face details, then my daughter used the sprinkles to turn him the exact shade of Wish Bear Green.
Wow, it was the easiest cake ever! No mixing up millions of different colors of frosting, no filling of messy cake decorating bags and fighting with 10 different
kinds of decorating bag tips, no fillings to make! Maybe by her next birthday, she will make the cake all by herself :)
Back online we went to print out a Care Bears party hat for her to wear, which she colored herself and wore with much pride. It's funny, the only time my daughter ever eats cake, is on her birthday. I suppose that is a good thing!
However, there is something that my daughter does love to eat all year 'round. She absolutely loves seafood. So, when we asked her what she wanted to eat on her birthday, she knew immediately what she wanted. Steamed Clams!!! She can eat 2 or 3 plates full of clams. She's a little clam-digger :)
Of course, since she already had her cake and icecream, she only ate 2 plates of clams that night.

As you can see, she got a scooter for her birthday, so she won't have to keep trying to ride her big sister's scooter, which is just too big. Of course, her little brother thinks the new scooter makes the perfect baby walker!

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