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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gettin' Organized!

So here is the new rundown on how things will (usually) be posted in here! You will always find something new posted that fits within the theme for that day of the week, but of course, if I find something I wanna share, I will be posting it on any old day. So.. coupons won't only be listed on Saturdays, and so forth!

Monday is for Mommies, which covers a whole lot of topics,
including product or website reviews, household tips, cool stuff for moms and much, much more!

Tuesday Take it or Leave it day announces only the best of Freebies, items for trade, etc! Dedicated to a fun & FREE enviroment

Friday Fun Stuff for kids, project ideas, etc

Shoppin' Saturday coupons & other great deals! Dedicated to helping mom's save $$

**Surprise Burpie Baby product give-away contests will be announced regularly, as well, so stay tuned! Free products & gift certificates for mom to win :)

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