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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Funny stuff!

Last night, at about 9:30, I was sick of trying to get the baby to sleep, so I put on Teletubbies, which for some reason my son just LOVES to watch at 13 months, so I keep a couple shows on the DVR for times when I get desperate...very desperate.

Anyways, My 6 year old daughter suddenly says, " Hey! They don't have lines on their bottoms- how do they go potty then??" Any tips on how I explain that one?? LOL

Later on last night, my daughter was hanging upside down from the couch. When she got back up, I said, "Your hair is so messy now!". She turned to me and laughed. Then she said, "Yeah, I know! Isn't it HIDEOUS?!" It was so funny because she seemed so proud of it and funnier because it would take a lot more than that to make her look hideous :)

I think at around 11:00 pm, I finally got them both to sleep. Teletubbies was promptly turned off! Here are some photos of her "hideous" messy hair, and kissing baby brother good night...

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