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Monday, July 28, 2008

Freebie for WAHM's

Calling all Work-at-home Mommies out there, or even if you aren't a WAHM, you will appreciate this freebie designed to get your finances in order. Personally, I do not really know of anyone that hasn't used Paypal or does not use it regularly for either buying online or selling.

Did you know you can get a copy of Microsoft Office Express? THis is awesome! Accounting Express has added features for small businesses that use PayPal and even if you sell on eBay. Not only can you manage your ebay listings directly from Office, but if you use Paypal on your website, You can process payments with it and even create paypal-enabled invoices with it!

Just click here to go download this awesome program for FREE

Here is some more info about the program.
Download Microsoft® Office Accounting Express for FREE and save time and money. Office Accounting Express is a FREE, full featured accounting application for small businesses in the U.S.
Yes, FREE, as in no strings attached.

Accounting Express gets you organized, saves you time on everyday tasks and helps you manage your business online. And because it works like the Microsoft Office applications you already use, such as Word, Excel and Outlook, you'll be up and running in no time.

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