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Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Spit Baths! For a limited time only...

Sorry, you will have to provide your own towel- mine are ALL used up.

"The Destroyer" has gained a new skill that he just loves to demonstrate. I won't deny the fact that his big sister may have shown him "the way". Well, now that he has had plenty of practice, he is now a pro at sticking his little tongue out and blowing raspberries, or what you may simply call spitting.

Big sister decided it would be funny to take a sip of baby's sippie cup and then promptly spit the water out. The Destroyer got a big kick out of watching sister do this and it only took a second before he was trying out this new skill.

Now, not only does he have a "bite attack" under his belt, but he now has a new "spit bath" maneuver. Heaven help us, this little boy is such a completely different kind of baby than his two sisters were, I don't want to imagine what he will learn tomorrow.

So, today I was finishing up a wholesale order for my new Binkie Bibs. I was sitting there minding my own business and the next thing I know, the Destroyer is climbing up on my chair and standing behind me. I guess he thought my neck was very dirty, because he proceeded to give it a unexpected spit bath! As far as spit baths go, this was definitely the longest spit bath I have ever heard of. I thought the point of a spit bath was that it is quick and not that wet...

Of course, squeezing his little cheeks together until he has fish lips, does not deter him, neither does saying no or popping him quickly on the mouth. All the methods just mentioned resulted in much laughter- from him, not me.

His newest way of demonstrating his new talent is to wait until he has a mouthful of baby food and blowing raspberries- and the food- all over, followed by much squealing of laughter.

Mommy ain't laughin'

Kevin Kennedy, Ph.D of Medhelp. org says,
"You really have only two choices.
First, you can simply be sure not to reinforce the behavior by displaying any interest in it, or by permitting others to do so (e.g., by laughing at it). Second, you can indicate your displeasure in a calm, but definitive manner. This may not have much influence if the baby is very young, so don't expect too much"

Ok, I tried telling his big sister not to pay attention or laugh when he blows raspberries, but she just can't help but laugh. I have to admit through my anger, that he is quite adorable being a pest. So the first of my "only two choices" doesnt work.

I also try to indicate my immense displeausure in a calm, and in not so calm manner. I don't think I have to tell you that it obviously does not work at all!

So according to Mr. Ph.D, I only had two choices. Who ever heard of TWO strikes, you're out???

In the meantime, got a rattlesnake bite? head on over and "the destroyer" will gladly bite you. Don't have time for a shower? He is offering FREE spit baths to anyone within 10 inches of his precious little face, for a limited time only.

Prices may go up, so hurry on in! Attacks of laughter are also generously added in free of charge. However, if you want that with the mouthful of baby food, that is definitely going to cost you extra.

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