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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite Mommy Comment of the month

"I dropped my cell phone in the toilet! I always wondered how that could happen, now i know..."

Ha! Well, fortunately, I don't have any personal experience on this to share, but my phone did die this past week. While traveling out of town to pick up my daughter from summer vacation, my cell phone was somehow exposed to something wet. Yes, as we all know, WET=Death for cell phones.

It must have been a bad week for all phones everywhere, because I also got an email from a friend telling us that her hubby dropped the phone in the pool and so they lost our phone number along with everyone elses'. Hey folks, that could be a good excuse to use next time someone asks you, "Why haven't you called??"

Anywho, having no money for a new phone, I was left with only one alternative- yep, Ebay. There, I found a phone identical to my dead one, except of course, it wasn't dead. I managed to get it for $20+shipping, whew, I got off cheap this time...

If I had been at home, and not in a moving vehicle, I could have looked online to learn what I could have done to Save my phone! You can click here to read what wiki-how has to say about it. You better have an extra bag of rice handy, a toothbrush, alcohol or a vacuum chamber(I need to have one of those installed in my next house, right next to the kryptonite-proof chamber)

...and whatever you do, don't switch your phone on! Don't charge battery if you used alcohol...huh?! I am not sure if these instructions are about how to save your phone or how not to kill yourself in the process!

Good advice though I suppose- my hubby tried to plug my wet phone into the charger when we got home and it started to get extremely hot! I promptly unplugged it.

If you don't have any rice, click here to see what about.com has as far as advice goes. According to them, you may need to rinse your phone in More water?? oh my...

Any ideas as to what the "wet substance" was that killed my phone?

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