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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Destroyer" is Too Tough for a Luvey

My baby boy is such a cuddler, ever since birth and even still, at 14 months he has to be cuddled to go to sleep! Hugs have to be given at least every couple of minutes with this kid. Based on just that, you would think he would definitely be the type of baby to have grown an attachement to a luvey, such as a blanket, or soft, cuddly toy, etc.

Nope, not "the destroyer", he is wayy too tough for that soft baby stuff! Can't you tell that just by his name alone? Want to know what he loves to drag around with him? Utensils!

At any given moment, you can usually find him crawling or walking around with at least one baby spoon or fork (plastic ones). "Not only does this show the world I am tough, but it also proves to everyone that I am indeed a B O Y !!" The best way to a boy's heart is with food, right? (And we all know that this never changes with age)
After all, you never know when you may happen to come across an unsuspecting bowl of pudding or icecream just sitting there, so it is always best to "be prepared"! I think we may have a future boy scout here, folks.

Ok, on another note, I will admit there is ONE other item he just loves to tote around along with his utensils. His sister's silver magic wand! I don't know what it is, but ever since he saw her playing with it (she loves to make "a wish", but I will tell you all about that momentarily), He flew at her with his typical warrior screech and confiscated the wand from her unsuspecting grasp. Now, if you try to take it out of his hand, you better be prepared for BATTLE. The "destroyer" also just happens to be "the confiscator". Once he confiscates an item in the house, it is HIS with all rights and privileges. End of story, you are not getting it back.
As for what his sister wished for: She tapped her brother with the magic wand and wished he would turn into a girl! True Story.

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