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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bottles are Boring

My baby boy is now 14 months old! He still LOVES his bottle. He will fuss and cry every 3 hours for the darn thing. If you say the word or he sees it, he starts making a noise that is directly in between laughing and crying. Yes, his attachment runs deeep.

I have been giving him ice water in those "disposable" sippie cups for a couple months now. He always holds them upside down and tries to drink out of it and do I have to mention that they leak...Horribly! I suppose that is why they are supposedly disposable. Although, everyone I know that uses them, never throws them away LOL

Also, they do not provide an acceptable substitute for the bottle.

Now, enters the "Tummy Tickler". That is what they are called, I didn't name them! They come in a pack of four with Sesame street characters or Dragon tales characters on the lid. Well, the head of the character anyways, is on the lid. Then it has a spout similar to an adult water bottle, but it has the same inner workings of those no-leak sippie cups. However, instead of the spout being wide and flat like on a sippie cup, it is a round spout.

My son loves these sippie bottles! Not only are they tall and long like a bottle but he can tip it up and drink it just like a bottle- it has no "upside down" side! What is even better, is they don't leak all over the floor :)

He gets a bottle first thing in the morning and at bedtime. During the day, he is very happy with his tummy tickler sippie bottle. He drags it around with him everywhere, and now he is starting to bring it to me when it is drained dry and I have to try and walk to the kitchen and refill it while he is hanging on the back of my leg like a leech!

Ok, I need to get some more of these things. They come with apple juice in them. Does anyone know where I can find some?? I guess they are made by the same company that sells Belly Washers for older kids.

1 comment:

SouthfieldFam said...

Walmart sells them in the juice aisle. The had elmo there the other day and Cooper threw a fit cause he wanted one! Good luck!