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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Talk!

It's SOOOO CUTE!!! My 14 month old baby boy is becoming a babbler :)
Just yesterday, he started jabbering. He has been able to say a few words already, but would just say one or two sounds at a time. Now he is jabbering a long string of nonsense sounds. He also started learning how to say "moo" and "quack". His moo sounds like "woo" and his quack sounds like "squish squish" LOL

He is also walking really well now and can almost walk across the whole family room without falling. Of course, he still falls ALOT, and has a facefull of bumps and bruises to show for it.

His latest new trick, is clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth! Yet another neat thing he learned from his big sister :) He is soo proud of himself and practices "clicking" all day long...

Along with his all his new progressions, he has also regressed a bit LOL
He doesnt want to take his nap midmorning unless I put him in his moby style baby sling carrier, or what we all call his "papoose". Then he will promptly fall asleep within the first 5 minutes. It nearly always calms him right down and he becomes a contented little baby once again.

The poor thing, has been teething constantly for nearly the past 2 months! He is getting yet another side tooth that I discovered just last night. It will be his third new tooth in the last 6 weeks. That will make 11 total already!! Last night he woke up at 4 a.m. and cried until he went back to sleep at 5:30 a.m.He seems to be getting his teeth in awful quick. And as you know, he LOVES to test them out for sharpness...

On another note, my oldest daughter (nearly 15) will be coming back home this monday! Yay!! We all miss her and my 6 year old is in mourning nearly every day for her big sis. She is making her lots of pictures and cards to give her when she gets back. With yet another July birthday coming up on the 24th, I will once again be back to cake making & decorating. What do you want to bet that my 6 year old will want to "help" me again?

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