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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another special day!

My oldest child is finally back from her vacation! She turns 15 tomorrow, so how come it feels like I am turning 50?? Yeah I am feeling quite old, but I was a young mom when she was born, so no I am not REALLY 50. Just had to make sure and clarify that for you :)

Oddly, she couldn't think of what she wanted for her birthday. I think that means she is well taken care of, LOL. Well, anyways, she did not decide what she wanted for her birthday until just a few days ago, then she told me she wanted a new bike. Her old bike does happen to be too small now. Problem, is that it only gave me a few days to find something! Another problem: When a child only asks for one thing, you gotta get it, as opposed to if a child asks for several different things, that does leave you with other gifting options, should you have difficulty finding something on the list.

I checked craigslist, sheesh- everyone wants $50 to $75 for their well used girl's bike, and I can get one at the store for $79.00 brand new- c'mon people give me a break! Scratch that idea...
Since I already checked out used prices, and I checked at the local store, I decided to see how much they were online. Lo and behold! A bike for $50 brand new!! Free shipping, to boot :)
Problem: it won't get here until after her birthday. Obviously, being the frugal momma that I am, I made the executive decision that it was a small "price" to pay, to save some money on a bike. Maybe I can give her a Picture of her new bike, on her birthday LOL

The kids mentioned they wanted to go to the waterpark for their birthday party. I proceeded to Check the fun fund- its absolutely empty, not even holding it upside and shaking it got me much more than a sprinkling of dust. Does this stop us? Heck no, the kids turned the wave slide on their swingset into their own private waterpark. Turns out, if you run the hose down the wave slide, and station the baby's pool at the bottom, you get a decent waterslide that gets you just as wet, for a whole lot less moola!
Just don't try taking our "stinky baby" down the slide with you, he doesn't think the pool at the bottom is a good idea AT ALL!

My daughter is also inviting over a couple friends. Her plan was to go see Wall-E with her friends and then have them spend the night. Well, one of them can go to the movie but can't spend the night, and the other friend can't make it to the movie but they CAN spend the night! Anyways, if any of you have seen the movie, did you find it entertaining? One more question, anyone want to adopt a baby for the afternoon? I didn't think so, LOL

1 comment:

SouthfieldFam said...

It was a cute movie, my kids enjoyed it quite a bit! The slide and hose idea sounds fun, we are going to have to try that over here!