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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet another mommy mystery-24k gold diapers?

Just another mystery I have yet to solve: Why are baby swim diapers so expensive?? They are lined with gold..humph!

I don't see the reasoning behind such a small package costing as much as $6.99 Avoiding the "swollen diaper syndrome" is not worth that much! Stick a cloth diaper on the tyke and a plastic diaper cover and you're set!

You could even go to one of my favorite websites such as www.keenobambino.com and get yourself the swimmi Reusable swim diaper and even pick up up one of our Burpie Baby Deluxe mess kits in Pink or black skulls, while you are there!

Anyways, if you still want some disposable diapers, you can go to my sidebar and click to view "all coupons" and get your own coupon for $1.50 off Huggies Swim diapers! THere is even a $5 off coupon for HTH brand pool & spa products for a swimmin' good time. Pick as many as you like and them print them out! It's free for you and helps me keep the blog going.

If you need a travel pack of wipes or some baby lotion, etc, I still have two $1 off coupons to give awaythat you can use on any huggies brand product. You could get two travel packs of wipes absolutely free with these! I can't really believe these coupons are still hanging around this long. They are good through 2009

Did any of you get your free playtex brand, "nearly indestructible" sippie cup yet? If so, tell us how you like it!

Well, there are only 3 days left to take advantage of Toysrus.com's huge clearance sale. There is stuff from $1 and up and free shipping too on many items. Get great deals on toys, back to school items, star wars, etc! If you have any extra shopping money left, you can go stock up for upcoming birthdays or what have you. I don't, so I won't be! LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gettin' Organized!

So here is the new rundown on how things will (usually) be posted in here! You will always find something new posted that fits within the theme for that day of the week, but of course, if I find something I wanna share, I will be posting it on any old day. So.. coupons won't only be listed on Saturdays, and so forth!

Monday is for Mommies, which covers a whole lot of topics,
including product or website reviews, household tips, cool stuff for moms and much, much more!

Tuesday Take it or Leave it day announces only the best of Freebies, items for trade, etc! Dedicated to a fun & FREE enviroment

Friday Fun Stuff for kids, project ideas, etc

Shoppin' Saturday coupons & other great deals! Dedicated to helping mom's save $$

**Surprise Burpie Baby product give-away contests will be announced regularly, as well, so stay tuned! Free products & gift certificates for mom to win :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite Mommy Comment of the month

"I dropped my cell phone in the toilet! I always wondered how that could happen, now i know..."

Ha! Well, fortunately, I don't have any personal experience on this to share, but my phone did die this past week. While traveling out of town to pick up my daughter from summer vacation, my cell phone was somehow exposed to something wet. Yes, as we all know, WET=Death for cell phones.

It must have been a bad week for all phones everywhere, because I also got an email from a friend telling us that her hubby dropped the phone in the pool and so they lost our phone number along with everyone elses'. Hey folks, that could be a good excuse to use next time someone asks you, "Why haven't you called??"

Anywho, having no money for a new phone, I was left with only one alternative- yep, Ebay. There, I found a phone identical to my dead one, except of course, it wasn't dead. I managed to get it for $20+shipping, whew, I got off cheap this time...

If I had been at home, and not in a moving vehicle, I could have looked online to learn what I could have done to Save my phone! You can click here to read what wiki-how has to say about it. You better have an extra bag of rice handy, a toothbrush, alcohol or a vacuum chamber(I need to have one of those installed in my next house, right next to the kryptonite-proof chamber)

...and whatever you do, don't switch your phone on! Don't charge battery if you used alcohol...huh?! I am not sure if these instructions are about how to save your phone or how not to kill yourself in the process!

Good advice though I suppose- my hubby tried to plug my wet phone into the charger when we got home and it started to get extremely hot! I promptly unplugged it.

If you don't have any rice, click here to see what about.com has as far as advice goes. According to them, you may need to rinse your phone in More water?? oh my...

Any ideas as to what the "wet substance" was that killed my phone?

Seeing Spots :(

Oh my, I know many of you have also had your experiences with red stains in the carpet! It is one of the most dreaded things to have happen, and the hardest to remove.
I don't know about you, but I have wasted a small fortune on so many different cleaning products that supposedly will get out the stains. NONE of them have worked.

Well, I finally found a solution that will work, or at least GREATLY reduce the little red monsters from your carpet. When I first read about it, I was extremely skeptical and to be honest, downright scared to try it!

You will need a clothing iron, a white towel, and either a solution of half ammonia and half water, or a bowl of water with just a few drops of dishwashing soap mixed in.

This advice is from a professional carpet cleaner, so I really wanted to try it, but like I said before, I was really nervous about using an Iron on my carpet. Don't worry, it won't melt the carpet, if you do it correctly, anyways.

The thing to remember is that you don't apply the iron directly to the carpet. Instead, put a small amount of the water solution on the stain. Place the white towel over the wet spot, then place the hot iron on top of the towel, making sure the iron is not hanging over the edge of the towel. Let it sit there for a minute, then lift up the towel and check if the stain is starting to transfer to the towel.

The trick, they say, is patience. It is recommended to let the iron sit on the spot over the towel for several minutes to allow it to soak up the stain. Hwever, Patience, I am not. I worry too much about melting the carpet, so of course I lift it up and check it every minute LOL. I also kept re-applying more of the water solution to the spot, once it seemed to be soaked up by the towel.

It worked really well and now the spots are either gone or barely perceptable.
I even used this trick on an orange stain and I am going to try it later on a black stain I have on a rug, to see what happens..

Proceed at your own risk, but I do recommend this as it worked millions of times better than any carpet/stain cleaner I have tried. If you are worried about it lightening your carpet's color, some people have tried this method using just water and said it worked, even when a professional cleaning did not.

I have also heard of using a mixture with peroxide in it, and using a bit of Rit dye remover. I haven't tried either of these, but I don't think I would unless I had really really light colored carpet.

Let me know how this tip worked for you!

On another note altogether, visit this link to learn how to use Kool-aid to make a cool Tie-dye shirt! Just do it outside, not on your carpet :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Take it or Leave it Tuesday! frog & duck toys

Today I have a set of baby toys suitable for 0-6 months or whenever your child decides they are done with them :)
These are in almost new condition, since my son did not like them.
These can hook on the wrist or hang from a carseat, etc.
The frog and ducky fasten with a magnet, so they safely come unfastened if pulled without harming baby.

If you want these, feel free to offer me anything you wish to trade! whether it be a mommy, or kid item.

Click on the comment link below or email me at froginpigtails at yahoo.com

Thanks for helping me promote a fun, free environment for all!

Freebie for WAHM's

Calling all Work-at-home Mommies out there, or even if you aren't a WAHM, you will appreciate this freebie designed to get your finances in order. Personally, I do not really know of anyone that hasn't used Paypal or does not use it regularly for either buying online or selling.

Did you know you can get a copy of Microsoft Office Express? THis is awesome! Accounting Express has added features for small businesses that use PayPal and even if you sell on eBay. Not only can you manage your ebay listings directly from Office, but if you use Paypal on your website, You can process payments with it and even create paypal-enabled invoices with it!

Just click here to go download this awesome program for FREE

Here is some more info about the program.
Download Microsoft® Office Accounting Express for FREE and save time and money. Office Accounting Express is a FREE, full featured accounting application for small businesses in the U.S.
Yes, FREE, as in no strings attached.

Accounting Express gets you organized, saves you time on everyday tasks and helps you manage your business online. And because it works like the Microsoft Office applications you already use, such as Word, Excel and Outlook, you'll be up and running in no time.

What's Your Addiction? Contest- Free stuff!

Hey, I would love to know what the rest of you are "addicted" to or the thing you tend to spend money on the most for yourself. It could be to support a hobby, or satisfy your sweet tooth, etc!
Just click on the comment link at the bottom of this post to "weigh in". The person that I deem to have the most intriguing response will win your choice of either our convertible Binkie Bib or the new Burpie 911. (Click on the links on the blog sidebar to view the products)

You have until August 1st, 2008 to get your responses in! If you would rather email your response, send it to froginpigtails at yahoo dot com

(This contest has ended, to enter our monthly drawing, simply email me at froginpigtails at yahoo dot com and request to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and tell me how you found the blog!) There are two drawings in August and you can earn 4 entries! go here for details

So to feed just ONE of my personal "addictions" I have some new fabric coming in this week! I ordered it a few months ago, so it will so exciting to finally get it in. Wonder what I will make with it...guess you will have to wait and see.
Sooo YUMMY and no calories! If you want any of this fabric, email me I will see what I can do :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Destroyer" is Too Tough for a Luvey

My baby boy is such a cuddler, ever since birth and even still, at 14 months he has to be cuddled to go to sleep! Hugs have to be given at least every couple of minutes with this kid. Based on just that, you would think he would definitely be the type of baby to have grown an attachement to a luvey, such as a blanket, or soft, cuddly toy, etc.

Nope, not "the destroyer", he is wayy too tough for that soft baby stuff! Can't you tell that just by his name alone? Want to know what he loves to drag around with him? Utensils!

At any given moment, you can usually find him crawling or walking around with at least one baby spoon or fork (plastic ones). "Not only does this show the world I am tough, but it also proves to everyone that I am indeed a B O Y !!" The best way to a boy's heart is with food, right? (And we all know that this never changes with age)
After all, you never know when you may happen to come across an unsuspecting bowl of pudding or icecream just sitting there, so it is always best to "be prepared"! I think we may have a future boy scout here, folks.

Ok, on another note, I will admit there is ONE other item he just loves to tote around along with his utensils. His sister's silver magic wand! I don't know what it is, but ever since he saw her playing with it (she loves to make "a wish", but I will tell you all about that momentarily), He flew at her with his typical warrior screech and confiscated the wand from her unsuspecting grasp. Now, if you try to take it out of his hand, you better be prepared for BATTLE. The "destroyer" also just happens to be "the confiscator". Once he confiscates an item in the house, it is HIS with all rights and privileges. End of story, you are not getting it back.
As for what his sister wished for: She tapped her brother with the magic wand and wished he would turn into a girl! True Story.

Another special day!

My oldest child is finally back from her vacation! She turns 15 tomorrow, so how come it feels like I am turning 50?? Yeah I am feeling quite old, but I was a young mom when she was born, so no I am not REALLY 50. Just had to make sure and clarify that for you :)

Oddly, she couldn't think of what she wanted for her birthday. I think that means she is well taken care of, LOL. Well, anyways, she did not decide what she wanted for her birthday until just a few days ago, then she told me she wanted a new bike. Her old bike does happen to be too small now. Problem, is that it only gave me a few days to find something! Another problem: When a child only asks for one thing, you gotta get it, as opposed to if a child asks for several different things, that does leave you with other gifting options, should you have difficulty finding something on the list.

I checked craigslist, sheesh- everyone wants $50 to $75 for their well used girl's bike, and I can get one at the store for $79.00 brand new- c'mon people give me a break! Scratch that idea...
Since I already checked out used prices, and I checked at the local store, I decided to see how much they were online. Lo and behold! A bike for $50 brand new!! Free shipping, to boot :)
Problem: it won't get here until after her birthday. Obviously, being the frugal momma that I am, I made the executive decision that it was a small "price" to pay, to save some money on a bike. Maybe I can give her a Picture of her new bike, on her birthday LOL

The kids mentioned they wanted to go to the waterpark for their birthday party. I proceeded to Check the fun fund- its absolutely empty, not even holding it upside and shaking it got me much more than a sprinkling of dust. Does this stop us? Heck no, the kids turned the wave slide on their swingset into their own private waterpark. Turns out, if you run the hose down the wave slide, and station the baby's pool at the bottom, you get a decent waterslide that gets you just as wet, for a whole lot less moola!
Just don't try taking our "stinky baby" down the slide with you, he doesn't think the pool at the bottom is a good idea AT ALL!

My daughter is also inviting over a couple friends. Her plan was to go see Wall-E with her friends and then have them spend the night. Well, one of them can go to the movie but can't spend the night, and the other friend can't make it to the movie but they CAN spend the night! Anyways, if any of you have seen the movie, did you find it entertaining? One more question, anyone want to adopt a baby for the afternoon? I didn't think so, LOL

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take it or Leave it Tuesday- Free stuff!

Ok, Momma's, this is really cool! Did you know that you can get a free Playtex brand Sippie Cup from Juicy Juice? I don't know about you, but I LOVE finding something for free! This is not one of those cheapo disposable cups that I usually buy LOL.
Made of heavy duty plastic, this one will last even if your toddler throws it at you from across the room :)
Go get it!I am on my way over to get mine :)

There are also a ton of "great meal ideas for moms" on the website!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Talk!

It's SOOOO CUTE!!! My 14 month old baby boy is becoming a babbler :)
Just yesterday, he started jabbering. He has been able to say a few words already, but would just say one or two sounds at a time. Now he is jabbering a long string of nonsense sounds. He also started learning how to say "moo" and "quack". His moo sounds like "woo" and his quack sounds like "squish squish" LOL

He is also walking really well now and can almost walk across the whole family room without falling. Of course, he still falls ALOT, and has a facefull of bumps and bruises to show for it.

His latest new trick, is clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth! Yet another neat thing he learned from his big sister :) He is soo proud of himself and practices "clicking" all day long...

Along with his all his new progressions, he has also regressed a bit LOL
He doesnt want to take his nap midmorning unless I put him in his moby style baby sling carrier, or what we all call his "papoose". Then he will promptly fall asleep within the first 5 minutes. It nearly always calms him right down and he becomes a contented little baby once again.

The poor thing, has been teething constantly for nearly the past 2 months! He is getting yet another side tooth that I discovered just last night. It will be his third new tooth in the last 6 weeks. That will make 11 total already!! Last night he woke up at 4 a.m. and cried until he went back to sleep at 5:30 a.m.He seems to be getting his teeth in awful quick. And as you know, he LOVES to test them out for sharpness...

On another note, my oldest daughter (nearly 15) will be coming back home this monday! Yay!! We all miss her and my 6 year old is in mourning nearly every day for her big sis. She is making her lots of pictures and cards to give her when she gets back. With yet another July birthday coming up on the 24th, I will once again be back to cake making & decorating. What do you want to bet that my 6 year old will want to "help" me again?

Free stuff- Take it or Leave it

Hey Mommies!

I have two Huggies coupons, both are $1.00 off any one huggies product- not just diapers. Expire March 31, 2009. How about that, you got a lonnnng time to use these babies! No pun intended :)

I was going to post this on Tuesday but obviously that didn't happen.

If you are local, come and grab em'
If you aren't then you could send a SASE and I will mail them.

Oh, these are on really cool sparkly silverish paper. Not exactly a "golden ticket" but still good for a couple bucks.

Post a comment or email me at froginpigtails at yahoo dot com

I will delete this post when the item is taken!

New Retailer!

We would like to welcome the newest member of our family, whisperlanedesigns.com
You can now find our Burpie Baby products on their website. Check it out for lots of wonderful baby products and accessories. The best part is that nearly everything is handcrafted by other WAHM's (work at home moms). Love that!

A new look

I redesigned the main page of my website and added new slideshows too!
Click here to Check it out: www.burpiebabymesskit.com

Let me know what you think! I would love to hear any comments on the website, or on the products. Click on the comments link at the bottom of this post.

Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bottles are Boring

My baby boy is now 14 months old! He still LOVES his bottle. He will fuss and cry every 3 hours for the darn thing. If you say the word or he sees it, he starts making a noise that is directly in between laughing and crying. Yes, his attachment runs deeep.

I have been giving him ice water in those "disposable" sippie cups for a couple months now. He always holds them upside down and tries to drink out of it and do I have to mention that they leak...Horribly! I suppose that is why they are supposedly disposable. Although, everyone I know that uses them, never throws them away LOL

Also, they do not provide an acceptable substitute for the bottle.

Now, enters the "Tummy Tickler". That is what they are called, I didn't name them! They come in a pack of four with Sesame street characters or Dragon tales characters on the lid. Well, the head of the character anyways, is on the lid. Then it has a spout similar to an adult water bottle, but it has the same inner workings of those no-leak sippie cups. However, instead of the spout being wide and flat like on a sippie cup, it is a round spout.

My son loves these sippie bottles! Not only are they tall and long like a bottle but he can tip it up and drink it just like a bottle- it has no "upside down" side! What is even better, is they don't leak all over the floor :)

He gets a bottle first thing in the morning and at bedtime. During the day, he is very happy with his tummy tickler sippie bottle. He drags it around with him everywhere, and now he is starting to bring it to me when it is drained dry and I have to try and walk to the kitchen and refill it while he is hanging on the back of my leg like a leech!

Ok, I need to get some more of these things. They come with apple juice in them. Does anyone know where I can find some?? I guess they are made by the same company that sells Belly Washers for older kids.

Find the burp cloth immediately~ even in the Dark!

It's official! Our newest baby product is finally available to order from our website. If you are local, you can order directly from me and save on shipping, wow what a deal huh? ha ha.
Click here to find a discount code for July

So.. what is it? It is the ultimate in burp cloths, for your baby or perhaps a unique gift for a friend or relative! not only does it come in lots of fashionable prints, it is a triple layer burpie with a waterproof inner layer, so only soft cotton and flannel will touch your baby.

What's so different about it? Well, it features a unique pull tag that hangs out of any bag to prevent it from disappearing in the bottom of your diaper bag under all that other stuff. No more digging around for it! You can find it IMMEDIATELY, in case of "emergency". Even with one hand, you just grab the tab and pull the burpie out, it will always be right at your fingertips when you need it.

What else is so great about it? Our unique pull tag features a GLOW in the DARK tab so you can find it fast, even in dark or low lit places! How cool is that??!

There are even teething tags and a loop for attaching a small toy or teether :)

Check it out here : http://www.frogaliciousfashions.com/burpiebabybinkiebib.htm

I would love to receive your comments on our new Burpie Baby 911. Click on the comments link below or email us from the website.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Spit Baths! For a limited time only...

Sorry, you will have to provide your own towel- mine are ALL used up.

"The Destroyer" has gained a new skill that he just loves to demonstrate. I won't deny the fact that his big sister may have shown him "the way". Well, now that he has had plenty of practice, he is now a pro at sticking his little tongue out and blowing raspberries, or what you may simply call spitting.

Big sister decided it would be funny to take a sip of baby's sippie cup and then promptly spit the water out. The Destroyer got a big kick out of watching sister do this and it only took a second before he was trying out this new skill.

Now, not only does he have a "bite attack" under his belt, but he now has a new "spit bath" maneuver. Heaven help us, this little boy is such a completely different kind of baby than his two sisters were, I don't want to imagine what he will learn tomorrow.

So, today I was finishing up a wholesale order for my new Binkie Bibs. I was sitting there minding my own business and the next thing I know, the Destroyer is climbing up on my chair and standing behind me. I guess he thought my neck was very dirty, because he proceeded to give it a unexpected spit bath! As far as spit baths go, this was definitely the longest spit bath I have ever heard of. I thought the point of a spit bath was that it is quick and not that wet...

Of course, squeezing his little cheeks together until he has fish lips, does not deter him, neither does saying no or popping him quickly on the mouth. All the methods just mentioned resulted in much laughter- from him, not me.

His newest way of demonstrating his new talent is to wait until he has a mouthful of baby food and blowing raspberries- and the food- all over, followed by much squealing of laughter.

Mommy ain't laughin'

Kevin Kennedy, Ph.D of Medhelp. org says,
"You really have only two choices.
First, you can simply be sure not to reinforce the behavior by displaying any interest in it, or by permitting others to do so (e.g., by laughing at it). Second, you can indicate your displeasure in a calm, but definitive manner. This may not have much influence if the baby is very young, so don't expect too much"

Ok, I tried telling his big sister not to pay attention or laugh when he blows raspberries, but she just can't help but laugh. I have to admit through my anger, that he is quite adorable being a pest. So the first of my "only two choices" doesnt work.

I also try to indicate my immense displeausure in a calm, and in not so calm manner. I don't think I have to tell you that it obviously does not work at all!

So according to Mr. Ph.D, I only had two choices. Who ever heard of TWO strikes, you're out???

In the meantime, got a rattlesnake bite? head on over and "the destroyer" will gladly bite you. Don't have time for a shower? He is offering FREE spit baths to anyone within 10 inches of his precious little face, for a limited time only.

Prices may go up, so hurry on in! Attacks of laughter are also generously added in free of charge. However, if you want that with the mouthful of baby food, that is definitely going to cost you extra.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Funny stuff!

Last night, at about 9:30, I was sick of trying to get the baby to sleep, so I put on Teletubbies, which for some reason my son just LOVES to watch at 13 months, so I keep a couple shows on the DVR for times when I get desperate...very desperate.

Anyways, My 6 year old daughter suddenly says, " Hey! They don't have lines on their bottoms- how do they go potty then??" Any tips on how I explain that one?? LOL

Later on last night, my daughter was hanging upside down from the couch. When she got back up, I said, "Your hair is so messy now!". She turned to me and laughed. Then she said, "Yeah, I know! Isn't it HIDEOUS?!" It was so funny because she seemed so proud of it and funnier because it would take a lot more than that to make her look hideous :)

I think at around 11:00 pm, I finally got them both to sleep. Teletubbies was promptly turned off! Here are some photos of her "hideous" messy hair, and kissing baby brother good night...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Stroller is my Throne!

This past week, my son has been drawn to the allure of baby strollers. It's like they are calling to him and he just cannot resist! (This is oddly amusing, because he really hates going in the stroller at the store, etc.)

My six year old daughter has a pink doll stroller which she likes to sit in. She usually will sit in it to watch television. I keep waiting for the day that it gives out!

Anyways, she was sitting in it as she tends to do, and my 13 month old son saw her and just went ballistic. He started screaming at her and trying to take the doll stroller away! He definitely acted as if she had something very precious of his and he was going to pitch a fit until she gave it back! Eventually he got his chance and he promptly climbed into it and would not get out. He held his ground until he finally fell asleep in sister's pink doll stroller :)

We also have a human-sized baby stroller. We keep it around for short walks to the mailbox and such, and he seems to be equally drawn to that one as well. All this past week, whenever he sees it in the house, he makes his way over to it and tries to climb in. If it is in a position where it can't roll away, he gets his little knee up there and plops his diapered bottom right down.Then, he will sit there and wait for us to notice that he is in the stroller. If we Don't notice, he yells for someone to notice! Then we have to push him around the house in the stroller, while he contentedly takes it all in, as if he is a little king surveying his kingdom.

Once we get tired of pushing him around, which is usually about 2 minutes later, we sit him in the family room hoping he will be happy enough to watch television in the stroller so we won't have to keep pushing him! Of course, he is never happy with just sitting and yells/demands someone to push him- so, we will push him back and forth in one spot which seems to be enough. This nearly always results in him falling asleep...Whew! The little king is asleep in his throne and we can all take a break.

Ok, so now it is time for a breather, lets get all the kids outside to play and do something different. What does the baby want to do? Do you want to go on your little slide? Play in the sandbox? Go on the swings? Go in the baby pool? -Most definitely NOT the pool. Nope, he spies the stroller out on the patio and promptly climbs in and there he goes, back and forth, back and forth. My feet are Tired.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BabyBorrower rant

Ok, so if you haven't heard already:
"BabyBorrowers is a unique social experiment that takes five teenage couples on a rollercoaster ride of adult responsibility, allowing them to experience parenting firsthand. Desperate to have their own life and family, our lovebirds are thrown in at the deep end. They're given real houses and real responsibilities"(nbc.com)

I really had no interest whatsoever in watching this show, when the previews started playing on television. Once I read that it was actually being filmed in Eagle, Idaho, I decided to watch it at least once to see where they are filming looked like. Why did I care? Well, it is "next door" to where I live, just outside of Boise.
The info I read said that the show would be filmed in a brand new subdivision. Hmm.. I live in a new subdivision too so I was curious to see what kind of environment these teens would really be living in.

So, I set my DVR to record an episode, which turned out to be the second episode. I watched it just the other day and I was extremely disappointed in this "real-life" experiment. I would not say they were thrown in at the deep end, unless it was the deep end of a money pit!

It's just my opinion, but having experienced life thus far, their living situation/environment is so very far from being realistic, it's almost maddening.
I don't know where you are all from, but the planet I live on, just could not relate to the "reality" of this show.

Not only are they living in a brand new subdivision, but the yards are spacious, not to mention perfectly groomed and of course the houses are also fully furnished with the nicest things. Every sofa I saw was leather, and each house has several, just for one example. There is also a large park and play equipment in their backyards.

Was there a shortage of one story, two bedroom houses, or cramped apartments out there in the USA?? Where are the used furnishings? It just does not come off as very realistic to me. This is only my opinion.

They should have had them still living at home, dealing with school, parents, having a baby and trying to find a job, let alone finding out how they are going to GET to work! On the show, they get to enjoy the best of amenities, jobs were found for them, transportation is provided to/from work, nanny assistance, etc. Also, three days with an infant is not nearly long enough.
I think the "deep end" of this show appears way too shallow. I have only watched a couple of episodes so this is my initial impression of the show.

All I really know for sure, is that I would never "loan" out MY baby.. call me over-protective if you like, but that's my reality.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stinky baby Saga takes a winding turn...

Well, unfortunately, while gettng feedback on my blog posting about my stinky little baby boy, I found out that some of your kids didn't grow out of being afraid of baths, until age 5. That did NOT help LOL

However, we have found that our little stinky baby, doesn't seem to be afraid of the long, winding garden hose.. His curiosity just gets the better of him and he cannot resist it! So, I suppose the easy solution to baths would be to bathe him out in the yard with a garden hose and a bar of soap!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beat the Boredom...

Ok, I don't know about you, but summer boredom is setting in. With my oldest daughter gone for several weeks and only a baby to play with, My six year old is running out of things to keep her entertained. The pool has been played in, swings swung, movies watched SEVERAL times over, all that's left is pestering the baby until he cries or pestering mommy until SHE cries! LOL
So, she found a stiff sheet of plastic that used to line a box of smelly candles. Now it is literally a "window" to a super, fun time! We discovered that it was really fun to hold it pressed tight against your face, while Mommy used the cell phone to take snapshots. She got a kick out of it, and it actually burned a whole 10 minutes at least. Yes, yes, don't worry she was closely supervised.
Don't have a box of smelly candles? Just send your kids outside and tell them to press their precious little faces against the window pane, while you take lots of pictures with your phone, or camera. Just make sure your kids are facing towards the house. I wouldn't want them to scare the neighborhood- well, at least not any more than they have already. Better yet, press YOUR face against the window and use it as a good excuse to make all the silly faces at your kids that you have been suppressing!

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I'll take Steamed Clams with my Birthday Cake...

So my baby girl is Six years old! Petite, and sweet, I still think of her as such a little girl. She asks me at least weekly, if she is still my baby girl, so of course, I tell her yes!
With her baby brother around, I guess she misses being the "baby" of the family.

Every year, she always wants the same theme for her birthday- Strawberry Shortcake!
This year was no exception, but with a little prompting from Mom, she actually ended up changing her mind and choosing carebears instead!
Woo hoo, finally variety ;) I was running out of ideas of how to make a new and different Strawberry Shortcake themed cake, LOL.
I love to make my kids elaborate birthday cakes each year, however, this year, since she is SUCH a big girl now, my daughter announced that she was going to help me make one!

On the morning of her birthday, she reminded me that I needed to bake her cake, as if i could forget.
Once it was baked and cooled, we broke out the frosting. It absolutely had to be cream cheese frosting.
The two of us went online, and looked up Care Bears. She finally settled on Wish Bear for her cake, which was sheer luck!
I just happened to have the exact shade of pastel green cake sprinkles and a small tube of dark green frosting that you use for writing on cakes.
That could be used to draw on the face and it will be...Perfect!! NO running to the grocery store for supplies!

We then proceeded to carefully cut one of the round shaped cakes into the shape of a bear face.
Daddy had to be a pest and eat part of the cake without asking which pieces he could have, so he was promptly swatted and banned from the kitchen. Luckily little brother was fast asleep in his Moby baby carrier and we were free from naughty little hands.
The second round cake, we used to cut out two ears and a nose section. We frosted the whole thing with white
frosting, drew on the face details, then my daughter used the sprinkles to turn him the exact shade of Wish Bear Green.
Wow, it was the easiest cake ever! No mixing up millions of different colors of frosting, no filling of messy cake decorating bags and fighting with 10 different
kinds of decorating bag tips, no fillings to make! Maybe by her next birthday, she will make the cake all by herself :)
Back online we went to print out a Care Bears party hat for her to wear, which she colored herself and wore with much pride. It's funny, the only time my daughter ever eats cake, is on her birthday. I suppose that is a good thing!
However, there is something that my daughter does love to eat all year 'round. She absolutely loves seafood. So, when we asked her what she wanted to eat on her birthday, she knew immediately what she wanted. Steamed Clams!!! She can eat 2 or 3 plates full of clams. She's a little clam-digger :)
Of course, since she already had her cake and icecream, she only ate 2 plates of clams that night.

As you can see, she got a scooter for her birthday, so she won't have to keep trying to ride her big sister's scooter, which is just too big. Of course, her little brother thinks the new scooter makes the perfect baby walker!