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Friday, June 27, 2008

New powers have emerged from "the destroyer"

(visit the archive posts to learn more about "the destroyer")

Warning: Do not cross "the destroyer's" path when he is teething and skips his nap. It seems his range of powers increases under these conditions and he develops an even greater urge to cause havoc. Whether you happen to be a cuddly teddy bear or a loving, if not a somewhat smothering, big sister.

Poor sister was sitting on the floor watching television, when suddenly "the destroyer", who also just happens to be her little brother, decided to swoop down and give her a "big Kiss" on the face.

What I heard: A whole lot of screaming coming from both of them.
What I saw: Big sister sitting on the floor crying hysterically and the destroyer, oddly enough, was also crying and pulling on her hair.

I thought it was just the usual scenario of little brother pulls sister's hair, end of story.

Boy was I wrong.

After investigating the scene up close, what I saw was so unbelievable I had to take pictures to show my hubby or I knew he was not going to believe it.

The destroyer had bitten his sister so hard on the face that the bite marks were swelling outwards, rather than marks being imbedded in the skin, which would tend to occur from a much milder bite.

W O W. I t w a s b a d.

Click here if you are curious enough to see the unedited picture. The picture was taken pretty much right after it happened, so it swelled up even more afterwards, be thankful it was taken early.

Next, I see my super sweet little boy screeching and biting the living daylights out of a baby teddy bear and I am sure glad that I was not chosen this day as his victim. I mistakenly thought the incident for the day (hopefully for the week, at least) had passed.

Boy was I wrong- Again.


I had just settled back to what I was doing and I hear more screaming coming from the bathroom, as well as the destroyer's battle screech. I definitely was not expecting yet another mishap less than 30 minutes after the first one!

What could the problem be This time??

With a heavy sigh, I once again leave my "safe haven" in the Kitchen to investigate. As I round the corner, there is my youngest daughter sobbing and telling me that the destroyer had bit her AGAIN!

This time, fortunately, she was standing up, and as the current range of his powers is limited to approximately 24 inches off the ground, the destroyer was not able to get at her face. He did manage to leave deep teeth marks directly in her Knee, however.

Refer to the following, as photo #2 in the evidence mounting against my precious, sweet, little boy.

Finally, much later, he fell asleep. How could something so small and so darn cute, cause such pain? Koala bears are small and cute but I hear they can be vicious...

so I guess it's not impossible.

I need to get him a shirt or something he can wear in order to warn the public- Except I need to revise it a bit, like this:

I definitely need some advice on how to curb the destroyer's new biting skill. Real advice only, please, and preferably from an experienced source. Don't fling doctor-speak or psychoanalizms at me. "just tell him no" is not going to work. (Click on the comment link below to send me some advice I can actually use, I am sure someone out there had a child with the same havoc wreaking tendencies as mine)
And DON'T tell me to bite my son--

it's not because I don't approve.

The fact is- I already tried that and it didn't do a darn thing!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

C'mon try it...

Ok, I did it, I will admit it! Tonight, I managed to get both little ones to sleep earlier than the recent norm, so I decided to google one of my new baby products- the Burpie Baby Mess Kit. (2-4 piece layette sets that come with bib, blanket and coordinating onesie all packed inside our exclusive convertible burp cloth/organizer)

I was curious to see how things were progressing with current retailers etc...

Anyways, I was glad I googled myself. I found a review I didn't even know about :)
I am gonna have to email them and thank them for taking notice of little ol' me.

So here it is, click below to see it! It's a great little article, if I do say so myself.

C'mon, try it- Google yourself. You just might learn something about yourself that you didn't know about :)

Now to get to bed, just in time for the baby to wake up for his bottle, I will bet you.

Real Boys don't Take Baths

From the moment my little baby boy was first introduced to water, he loathed the wet stuff.
He is 13 months and still to this day, he cries when he has a bath! I don't know if it is caused by something he experienced while he was in the NICU, or just something he decided to do to frustrate Mommy! Most probably, the latter.

Anyways, we knew it was BAD when one day, my hubby was carrying him while running water in the kitchen sink and he started to freak out because he thought he was going to have a bath. Nothing seems to help. Toys don't distract, water doesnt enrapture, Mommy & sisters do not please. Screaming ensues and continues until the bath is over! The crying finally stops, but he still fusses until after he has been dried, diapered & dressed. Truly, we do not do this to torture you, little one, and we hold off on the bath for as long as we can.But babies get dirty, stink settles in and that powerful, lovely baby scent turns sour. So, reluctantly, I resolve to once again go through the bathing battle.

Unfortunately for him, summer has descended upon us. It is HOT. Luckily, our neighbors so kindly gave us a baby pool. Yep, that's right- a BABY pool. (a cross between the Jaws soundtrack and a horror movie plays in the background) Of course, my five year old daughter is Super excited! Yippee, something new to play with and I can torture my baby brother at the same time, double joy! If you only knew how much that seems to thrill her... (she is already a pro at the "I'm just touching him with my finger" game, which never fails to make him scream)

Sister is begging to use the new pool. So we take it outside and fill it with warm water, so the baby will have no reason not to like it- or at least that is what I am telling myself. I break out the new package of swim diapers and sister gets her swimsuit on and gets in. Look, brother, water is F U N!
I then manage to capture big sister trying to put baby brother into the pool, on the camcorder. I will not be posting that here. Let's just say, there was a lot of very LOUD screaming and the holding of the breathe trick that babies tend to do, to scare the heck out of their parents.

Ok, well the "just jump in" approach definitely didn't work.So we sit at the edge of the pool and start with trying to put his hand in, then his foot, next he is sitting on the edge of the pool.

Finally, I push his little bottom off the edge and he is all the way in! He looks at me like I must be insane, and of course, he scrambles to exit the pool.

Here is that face again, in case you missed it:
Next thing I know,
he is in his car, proceeding to back up over the pool to get the heck outta there.

Here he is saying," I'm gonna go where stinky babies are appreciated!"

Lesson being: You can lead a baby to water, but if he don't wanna- He Don't Wanna.
Alternate lesson learned: Babies don't care if they stink. They know we will love them anyways

Monday, June 23, 2008

Didn't you all know yesterday was a Special day?? I know you heard me...

Did you all hear me screaming this past Sunday?? If you didn't, then you must have stepped out, because I was indeed having a loud and very emotional moment. Think what you will, but if you are a mommy, you will definitely relate-
My baby took his first step on his own! YES, that's my baby!!

He was an early bird, so is running just a bit behind. Ironically, I was just getting over a moment of seething jealousy at another mommy's little boy that is 10 months turning on 11 months, but can stand and walk. "Why is your baby doing that and mine isn't??? What kind of bad mother AM I?? Where did I go wrong..." Not more than 30 minutes later, MY BABY did it!! It was as if he read my mind and decided he better show me that he could do it all along.And it wasn't just a step- it was actually FOUR whole precious steps in a row to be exact LOL. I let out a yelp, and a yawp (yes, thank you Dr. Seuss for that word) and scooped up my little bundle of sunshine. When I made my first, sudden gush of surprise, my poor hubby wondered what in the heck was I doing! Then he managed to catch the tail end of the event :)

While I crouched there, squeezing the very life out of my baby boy, he just stared at me as if to say, "Aw, 'tweren't nuttin', Mommy". He was playing it cool as a cucumber, completely unphased as if he does it every day! Later on yesterday, he mustered up enough gumption to perform his newest skill for one of his big sisters to also admire and ooh and ahhh and smother him with many "good boy!" exclamations and hand clapping. And more mommy screeches, too, of course!

I am pretty sure it was all the loud noises we were making that tuckered him out, not the actual walking- but he was too tired to try again. His bottom would promptly plop on the floor whenever i would try to pull him up off the floor by his hands. He was saying, " That's enough for today, I got enough attention."

Today, however was another story! I know that's how babies are.. they grow and learn Soo fast, but I just can't believe how much more he is able to do in just another day. He has been trying to climb up on just about any chair or object low enough for him to get his chubby little knee up on. It has got to be one of THE cutest things in the world, seeing a baby trying to get his knee up and not quite succeeding! That little diaper butt stickin' out and tippy-toes pointed, as if just that little extra bit of height will do it :)

My next post will be on the topic of conquering your fear of water- for babies. You adults out there, sorry, I don't know what to say about that...maybe try to take "baby steps" or just plunge in the deep end all at once!

Friday, June 20, 2008

What ARE little Boys made of, Really?? Is it in the Genes, or a dress...?

Oh MY, I think when they estimated the cost of raising children, they forgot to include an estimate of the cost for everything that will end up being broken by your child by the time he/she becomes an adult-forget the cost of food/shelter! I never gave this much thought at all, with my first two children, who just happen to be girls. Now, since the birth of my son a year ago, I am really starting to take notice of the cost that is accruing in his destructive wake. Although he is a teeny guy, misleading everyone with his appearance (wearing 3-6 months clothing and shoes still at the tender age of 13 months), he is quickly earning a new nickname, "the destroyer".
Although I am sure this will stir up much controversy, I am convinced that this must be written into a boy's genes. My oldest daughter, is nearly 15 and I swear still has all her toys and books from her infant days and they are still in nearly pristine condition. My youngest daughter has now inherited the vast collection and enjoys them thoroughly. Neither of them broke anything of major financial significance, in fact, babyproofing was unecessary during their toddling years.

THIS creature, aka "the destroyer" is an altogether different species of baby. We have now aquired a complete collection of baby gates for various parts of the house, and now have a six panel prison that is used constantly all throughout the house to try to keep his powers contained.

Among the latest victims, are the optical mouse and most recently, the wireless card, both on MY computer, of course. I must admit, he seems to have a knack for all things electronic (and expensive). Persistence is most definitely his strong suit. No matter how "baby-proofed" you think something is, he NEVER gives up until he has found his way around, under, over, or through all obstacles to reach the latest targeted item on his list. I tried turning my computer tower around the other way to keep him from accessing the front of it and pulling things out of the usb port, etcetera. I taped a faux front on the darn thing with mass amounts of shipping tape, I tried plugging the optical mouse in the backside to make it less accessible, I tried putting another non-functional computer tower in front of the then functioning tower, and the list goes on and on..

Of course, as soon as the mouse was no longer functioning and i had to replace it, he no longer had an interest in the "dead mouse". Once he managed to work his way around all the blockades and pull out the wireless card, for the umpteenth time, he must have finally saturated it with enough spit that it gave up. Did he want it then? Of course not! His every move must be watched carefully, every waking moment. My eyes will definitely be glued open for the next 18 years.

Do you know, my son actually has a trademark evil laugh that he lets out every time he thinks he is getting his hands on something off-limits! Gosh, I love my little boy! His Oldest sister, recently attempted to turn him from "the dark side" by putting him in a dress! It wasn't the first time his sisters have done things unforgiveable- just look at the princess picture posted here.I don't think the attempt worked, LOL, and yes, he will punish her for this later...she better hide her mp3 player from him because it's war! My younger daughter, actually sobbed when she first found out our new baby would be of the male persuasion. I can't help but think she must have known the terror that would ensue and the destruction to be unleashed on this household of girls; Of course, it's all his Dad's fault! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kindergarten and Cupcakes

Wow, it's happened, my 5 year old has graduated! Kindergarten is now officially over and summer vacation has begun. Check out these adorable graduation photos- does it get any cuter??

My daughter is of course, excited about her first "summer vacation", although she didn't QUITE understand the concept at first. She heard all about it at school from her teachers, that they wouldnt have to go to school anymore, etc. I wondered if she thought she wouldn't have to go to school ever AGAIN, so I made sure to explain that she will go back to school once vacation time is over.

However, she continued to ask me at least twice each day if she could bring cupcakes to school on her birthday. She was so enthralled with the fact that when someone has a birthday they get to bring cupcakes for everyone! I kept trying to explain that it would be really cool, but.. "Your birthday is in the summer, so there won't be any school on your birthday".
She seemed to understand, yet continued to ask me for weeks, if she could take cupcakes to school when her birthday came around. I would go through it all again, attempting to explain that she won't be in school when July comes around. Well, I was really hoping that the teacher would allow the summer birthdays to bring treats on a different day before school was over.

The other day she came home with a birthday crown and said they got to have their birthday that day. I asked her if they got to have cupcakes and she said, no, they only got to have fruit loops. Fruit loops??? I told her that if I had only known they were going to have a "birthday day" for all the summer birthdays I would have brought her cupcakes. I couldn't believe the teacher didn't let the parents know about it, or at the very least brought some cupcakes for the class herself.
Yes, it was only a very small annoyance on my part, but my daughter's heart was so set on having cupcakes and kindergarten only happens once in a child's life..well usually! LOL *sigh* It seems she will follow in her big sister's footsteps and miss out on the experience of bringing cupcakes to school on her birthday each year. (Both of them have birthdays in July) I only hope she doesn't feel too cheated when her little brother is old enough for kindergarten- he was fortunate enough to be born on May 15th! So, he just barely made "the cut" for a non-summer birthday :)

Well this year has been full of "firsts" already for us, our daughter's first "graduation", the first year of High School for my oldest daughter and also our son's first birthday!

Here is his first taste of cake, I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!

Yoo Hoo, Testing..

Ok, so it's official! We are now "on the scene". This blog has been playing in my head daily, but hadn't made it to the computer yet. I am hoping I will finally be able to get it all out!
So, here is our latest photo of a super cutie with one of our burp cloths from the "Good Girl" Burpie Baby Mess kit. And doesn't she just look innocent! Definitely fitting for this particular style selection :)
Of course, we have two other skull selections perfect for coordinating with this pink skull print! Both of the others would be ideal for either a boy or girl. There is "Party in my crib", most recently featured on thewahmspot.com,

and also "Little Rebel" which is currently featured on our website.

This week, we were thrilled to be interviewed by the wahmspot.com (work at home mom spot). This was our first online interview and we hope you will take a moment to take a look at it.

(Psst.. if you tune in to our most recent product review, that I mentioned earlier, you will find a very rewarding discount code for June!)

Well, my oldest "baby" of nearly 15 years leaves tomorrow for a 5 week trip away from home. She is the "second mom" in the family. We are all going to miss her like crazy, and none more than me. With two other little ones at home, my teen daughter is such a blessing to have around. It's funny, for the past few days she has been on this huge "Uno" kick. All she wants to do is for me to play the game with her, and the 5 year old of course, joins us. It has always been one of her favorite games but we havent played it in a long while. Now, the week before she leaves, suddenly it's all she wants me to do is play Uno with her! Maybe she is storing up good times to take with her while she is away..