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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Recent Burpie Baby Reviews! woot woot!

I was so excited to be interviewed by
thewahmspot.com on June 11, 2008
click here to read my entire interview and learn more
about how it all began, and more!

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featured us on May 30, 2008
"...the coordinating layette set becomes a dressy alternative to your everyday, unflattering, plain white burp cloths and non-coordinating bibs...when you forget to bring a plastic bag for those messy clean ups. Simply snap the burp cloth closed and keep the messy items inside!"
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LaLa Baby Boutique
featured us on May 16, 2008
"...If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift
that will have everyone talking and mom loving,
then you need to get the Burpie Mess Kit."
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featured us on May 13, 2008
Mamanista: fabulously chic, irresistibly practical
"...The Burpie Baby Mess Kit is a
great gift for a busy mom on-the-go."
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posted on May 8, 2008
"...these are just to die for"
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featured us in their Newsletter on May 30, 2008
Here is what they had to say about us:
"When I came across the Burpie Mess Kit, I had one of those "now why didn't I think of that?!?" moments!
This is so brilliant-a burp cloth with snaps around the edges so it snaps together to make a pouch, with a coordinating bib and blanket, so you can just toss the whole thing in your diaper bag and go!
The pouch has room for a few diapers, a travel pack of wipes, even an extra onesie. The website even suggests using them to organize your changing table or your baby's dresser drawers.
They come in fabulous patterns that are super-stylish, you'll want to carry one just so people can see how great it looks!
The price is right on these too, just $34.95 for the 3-piece set,
and $42.95 for the Deluxe layette set. Visit www.burpiebabymesskit.com to learn more!"

Other Rave Reviews:

whimsyportraits says:
"...unique and cool product. Be sure to check it out,
because its really clever and a GREAT baby shower gift.
Lots of cute fabrics to pick from too...

The burpie cloth has snaps, which folds up into a clutch
that can hold 2 diapers, a portable wipe container,
generously sized blanket, onesie and bib!!!
You get everything but the diapers in the kit!"

..."what a great product you got there and how nice of you to take the pains out of messy spitting up babies, explosive poops, and disorganized diaper bags like mine for all moms!" Marie, thewahmspot

Polka Dot Pandas says:
"We offer the mess kits in our brick and mortar shop
and the customer response has been overwhelming!
Moms are excited that there is such a wonderful product to keep their
diaper bags organized, we can't keep them on the shelf!

They are even great if you don't need to carry a full diaper bag,
since the burpie itself is a clutch!!!

The best part about this product is that it's
American made and the price is so reasonable!
This is a recommended product from us at
Polka Dot Pandas!!! "